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Category Archives: Hanging Baskets

Autumn Borders, Winter Bedding, Trees and Hedging

Autumn Borders Asters – or Symphyotrichum (as we ought to call them now) are in full flower. We still have a good selection of the novae-anglia mildew resistant varieties, lovely shades of mauve, purple pink and white.  A nice change from the red and yellow autumn colours. Salvias are looking...
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Hanging Baskets at Downside

We will have ready made hanging baskets available for you from third week in May onwards. If you’d like your own baskets refilled you can bring them in now for collection at the end of May.  Hanging them out earlier is tempting but unwise –  we usually get some damaging...
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Hanging Baskets

Keep watering those hanging baskets… The wind can be very drying and the rain scarcely penetrates the foliage.   if they do dry out, the only thing to do is stand them in a bucket of water for an hour or two. For further information about feeding and watering your...
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