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Category Archives: Vegetables

Summer Planting

Those autumn pansy baskets may still be looking magnificent but it is time to take them down. Winter pansies are bred for low light conditions and will quickly become overblown if you leave them in the sun. No need to throw them away though; find a shady area and, with...
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Vegetables at Downside Nurseries

When we checked our vegetable list against ‘Gardening Which’s’ list of recommended varieties, we were pleased to find most of the varieties we grow on it. Those that are not are all top-quality commercial varieties not generally available as seed for amateurs so outside their remit. This year we have...
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Your vegetable garden

For the vegetable garden, there are plenty of spring cabbage and winter lettuce plants ready. If you have an empty cold glasshouse you could try a few spring cabbages in pots (use a soil-based compost).  You will be cutting weeks ahead of the outdoor ones. Mangetout are another worthwhile cold...
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Vegetables and Salad

Vegetables We will try and keep lettuce plants in stock until the autumn.  Even ‘cut-and-come-again’ types will run to seed eventually and need replacing. Runner beans are reaching the tops of their canes now. Keep pinching the tops out as this will encourage new growth from the base and avoid...
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