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Category Archives: Hedge

Autumn Borders, Winter Bedding, Trees and Hedging

Autumn Borders Asters – or Symphyotrichum (as we ought to call them now) are in full flower. We still have a good selection of the novae-anglia mildew resistant varieties, lovely shades of mauve, purple pink and white.  A nice change from the red and yellow autumn colours. Salvias are looking...
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Bare root and root balled hedging

It is too early to start lifting the bare root and root balled hedging but we have had the prices in. Root balled plants, lifted and the roots wrapped in hessian, are a good way to make an instant hedge and usually more economical than buying potted stock.  They establish...
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When did you last feed your hedge?

Most people seem to have got the message that if you want a nice green healthy lawn you must feed it from time to time.   The same also applies to hedges.They languish for decades without a decent feed – getting thinner and thinner until they finally succumb to disease. A...
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