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Category Archives: Shrubs

Plants this week at Downside Nurseries – 5th June

Here are a few images of plants looking particularly wonderful this week at Downside Nurseries. Perennial Perennial antirrhinum Pretty in Pink A fantastic perennial snapdragon, bearing masses of pink flowers from summer through to the first frosts. Shrub Phygelius Devil’s Tears A robust suckering shrub with dark green leaves and large panicles...
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Downside News 09 March 2019

The British weather never ceases to astonish us. Last year’s spring was cold and late; this year we had that wonderful burst of warm weather and now back to rain and hail. We are still getting cold nights, though, which is a good thing because it stops plants getting too...
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New shrubs available at Downside Nurseries

Plant highlights with approx HxS sizes Acca sellowiana (1.5-2.5 x 1.5-2.5m) – this is one we do ourselves, but it takes months to root, so we were glad to get extra. Evergreen, with Hypericum-like red and white flowers, it does need a really sunny position to flower well. Akebia quinate...
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Daphne bholua Jacqueline Postill

Daphnes are wonderful small shrubs with highly scented flowers. Unfortunately, they are difficult to propagate and slow growing.  Daphne bhoula Jacqueline Postill is one of the most desirable and has been unobtainable for some time since the only nurseryman in the country still propagating it retired.  Commercial production has started...
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Viburnum × hillieri ‘Winton’ arrowwood ‘Winton’

Viburnum × hillieri ‘Winton’ arrowwood ‘Winton’ An unusual evergreen viburnum with white flowers in the spring.  The copper-tinted leaves have red autumn colours.   Bushy and hardy to H6 but the fruit can cause a stomach upset if ingested.  Ultimate H&S in 5-10 years of 1.5-2.5m Here’s the link to our plant list on...
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