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Category Archives: Shrubs

Daphnes at Downside Nurseries, 3rd April 2024

Three varieties of Daphne today for you: Daphnes are wonderful small shrubs with highly scented flowers.  To view our complete list of shrubs expected, please follow the link here to our shrub page The shrub area is outside, on the right of the second set of polytunnels. Evergreens are under the netting in the...
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Carpenteria californica

Carpenteria Californica – Stop Press We managed to find a few Carpenteria californica (Tree anemone). This lovely evergreen shrub needs a south-facing sheltered position but if you have the right place for it, it is well worth growing.  It is not easy to propagate so not often available....
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A bit about Box plants

Clipped Box has been popular in British gardens for centuries-but it is under attack. Box blight has been with us for some years now. The best defence is to keep the plants healthy and vigorous. Foliar feed seems to work especially well. Also, be careful- we have had reports that...
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