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Category Archives: Bedding

Nursery Photos 27 April 3 Bedding and …

And here are a selection of Dianthus, Silver Dust, Liberty Classic, Antirrhinum, Verbena, Cuphea, Bidens, Hedera, Helichrysum, Dichondra, Nepeta, Lysimachia, Lobelia, Diascia, Petunia Trailing, Surfinia, Tumbelina, Calibrachoa...
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Nursery Photos 27 April 2

This selection features Osteospermum, Salvia, Bacopa, Convolvulus, Sanvitalia, Nemesia, Anagallis, Laurentia Felicia, Isotoma, Fuchsia, Cleome, Bracteantha...
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The work of the Nursery will continue. We know many of you are worried that you will miss out on vegetable plants in particular. There is plenty of time, the nights are still cold and although stocks are low at the moment there are plenty more coming on.   See our...
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