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Category Archives: Shrubs

SinoCalycanthus × raulstonii ‘Hartlage Wine’

SinoCalycanthus × raulstonii ‘Hartlage Wine’ sweetshrub ‘Hartlage Wine’ A deciduous shrub with aromatic leaves and scented burgundy flowers touched with cream in the centre, produced over a long period from early to late summer.   It’s deciduous,  bushy and fully hardy to H5.  What’s not to like?...
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Mahonia nitens Cabaret

Mahonia nitens Cabaret A new red-flowered variety of this highly-scented winter-flowering shrub.  It has the same glossy, holly-like, evergreen foliage, that you would expect to see on a Mahonia, but this compact variety produces its flowers from the end of summer and all the way through autumn. These appear initially...
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Orthrosanthus laxus (Morning Iris)

Orthrosanthus laxus Morning Iris A grass-like perennial from SW Australia with lovely Wedgwood blue starry flowers. Overwinters successfully if kept well-drained.  H&S 20×20 cm...
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Mahoberberis Dart’s Desire

Mahoberberis Dart’s Desire An interesting new hybrid between Mahonia and Berberis which has been mentioned in the gardening magazines and gets good reviews (in Dutch).  They are nice strong compact, bushy, evergreen shrubs with glossy, spiny-toothed, leathery, dark green leaves and small clusters of bright yellow flowers in spring which...
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Cotinus coggygria Golden Spirit = ‘Ancot’ (PBR)

Cotinus coggygria Golden Spirit = ‘Ancot’ (PBR)  – Smoke Tree [Golden Spirit] A lovely yellow-gold version of the Smoke Bush which has been scarce recently.    It’s a large shrub, to 5m tall and wide, with almost circular leaves that open bronze then turn golden yellow, with coral pink, red and orange tints in...
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