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December Flowers and Christmas Greetings from Downside Nurseries

Shrubs and Trees

It is a good time also to plant shrubs and trees. The bare root hedging only came in just before Christmas, due to the warm autumn. Containerised shrubs can be planted anytime provided you keep up the watering, but bare-root plants need to be in before the warm weather. Preferably before they start to show signs of growth.

This year we have stocked a lot of more native species to make mixed hedges. Alternatively, they can be planted individually and grown on to make full-sized trees and shrubs.  We have good stocks of Green Beech and Hawthorn, and smaller numbers of

AlderAlnus glutinosa
Blackthorn (Sloe)Prunus spinosa
Dog RoseRosa Canina
Field MapleAcer campestre
Guelder RoseViburnum opulus
HazelCorylus avellana
HornbeamCarpinus betulus
Mountain AshSorbus aucuparia
OakQuercus robur
PrivetLigustrum ovalifolium
Silver BirchBetula pendula
SpindleEuonymus europaeus
Wayfaring TreeViburnum lantana
Wild CherryPrunus avium

Privet is usually thought of as an urban hedge, but it is native and if not clipped back too hard has wonderful scented white flowers which the bees and other pollinating insects love.

7th February 2022

Betula Snow Queen with thanks to Frank Matthews for permission to use this image
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