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Category Archives: watering

Keep Watering

We are in the middle of a heat wave and there is no rain in the forecast, so keep watering!  A good soak from time to time is better than frequent dribbles;  avoid using a fine spray nozzle as wetting the leaves is no good – you need to get...
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Spring is coming 

 At long last, we are getting a few bright days interspersed with the gloom and it seems possible to venture out into the garden again. It is a good time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs. Nowadays, with containerised stock, you can plant any time of year but spring is...
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The weather (what else would we talk about?)

By the look of some very sad plants and some depressing pictures we have been shown, there has been a lot of damage from the recent frosts.  They have not been exceptionally hard, or late, but after such a long spell of unseasonal warm weather, many plants had put on...
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Watering your plants

Really important to keep watering your plants!  It has been a dry season, there is not much moisture in the ground and these warm winds are very desiccating .  Newly planted trees and shrubs need a good soak a couple of times a week.  It is important not to let the...
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