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The weather (what else would we talk about?)

By the look of some very sad plants and some depressing pictures we have been shown, there has been a lot of damage from the recent frosts.  They have not been exceptionally hard, or late, but after such a long spell of unseasonal warm weather, many plants had put on a lot of soft growth.

Do not despair – most plants will recover with a little TLC.  The important thing is to water or, better still, liquid feed.  Frost damage is always worse if plants are short of water and it has been extremely dry.  Plants in flower need twice as much water as normal and do not underestimate the drying power of the wind.  You cannot water everything so concentrate on things in flower and anything newly planted.  Best advice is to treat newly planted stock as if it were still in a pot until you are sure it has rooted out.  A good soaking from time to time is better than a regular dribble.

Keep a sharp eye on evergreens. You cannot see these wilt and by the time you see the damage it may be too late.

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