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Category Archives: Perennial

Amicia zygomeris

Also known as yoke-leaved amicia This lovely, tall woody-based upright perennial from Mexico comes with leaves composed of two pairs of heart-shaped leaflets with purple bracts which fold down at night and open again during the day.   In autumn, pea-like purple and yellow flowers 3cm wide open in short racemes. ...
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Auralia “Sun King”

We trialled this  lovely, new golden leaved Aralia “Sun King” last year.  It was stunning and sold out straight away. We have more this year if you missed out.   The foliage remains bright gold throughout the summer if planted in a sunny or semi sunny spot and it produces...
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Stevia leaf extract for sugar reduction

Stevia leaf extract for sugar reduction The Stevia rebaudiana – sweet herb of Paraguay is an interesting plant!  It’s a tender upright perennial with non-showy, white tubular flowers suitable for full sun in milder climates or filtered afternoon shade in hot climates in good garden soil.  Flowering time is late...
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