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Magnificent Magnolias for our April Banner

Annual Climbers


Cobaea scandens – one of our lovely annual climbers here at Downside Nurseries

After a two year gap, we have Dolichos lablab “Ruby Moon” again. If you do not know this annual climber, it has small pink, pea-like flowers and purple foliage. The seed pods are attractive and the plant does not seem to suffer if they are left on – so no deadheading. Hoorah!!

The Thunbergia African Sunset has germinated well this year;  lovely dusty apricot flowers that deepen as they age. It is not a vigorous climber and looks wonderful left to scramble through a bed or container.

The Cobaea scandens has not germinated quite as well so numbers are limited – shop early!

We have plenty of Ipomoea Heavenly Blue, Scarlet O’Hara and Granpa Ott, Thunbergia Susie Mixed and White with Black Eye, Mina Lobata (Firecracker Vine) and a little Canary Creeper.

With thanks to RHS for the images on this post.




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