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December Flowers and Christmas Greetings from Downside Nurseries

Plants we grow for fun – Aeonium, Abutilon, Cestrum, Nerium oleander, Mimosa pudica

These are the things we grow for ourselves just for fun. There are always a few spares, but too few to catalogue; we’ll collect them together over the weekend, in with the geraniums.

Aeonium tubuliform – flat-topped aeonium

Abutilon Nabob – the true dark flowered form

Amicia zygomeris  – in autumn, pea-like purple and yellow flowers –  and hardier than you might think – down to -10 degrees

Cestrum elegans – terminal clusters of red flowers

Cestrum nocturnum  – Lady of the Night – insignificant yellow-green flowers with a powerful night fragrance

Kalanchoe beharensis – unusual succulent with large grey felty leaves

Iochroma anstrale bluedeep blue tubular flowers

Iochroma cyaneum  – purple tubular flowers

Nerium oleander – an evergreen shrub with narrowly lance-shaped grey-green leaves and terminal clusters of salver-shaped cream flowers 3-4cm across, in summer

Plumbago blue – this is the less lax Escapade F1 hybrid form

Plumbago white – also the less lax Escapade hybrid

There are also some Mimosa pudica (sensitive plants) for children of all ages which should be ready by the end of May.  These are spiny annual or short-lived evergreen perennial of low, spreading habit with divided leaves that are sensitive to touch, and fluffy pale pink or pale purple flower heads in summer
Cestrum elegans Wiki

Plumbago white



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