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Tag Archives: spring-flowering

Mothering Sunday

After the snow, gardens are looking a bit battered.   Mothers’ Day is a good opportunity to brighten things up a bit.  We have loads of colour, primroses and cyclamen at pocket money prices. There are still trays of polyanthus in bloom and the trays of primroses are beginning to flower....
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Magnolia – one of the most dramatic flowering shrubs in the garden

The magnolia buds are beginning to swell;  they must be one of the most dramatic flowering shrubs in the garden.  First the hybrid Magnolia × soulangeana  and the Magnolia x stellatas, pink or white blossoms on bare stems.  Then the later hybrids and the lilii floras. They mostly blossom from late spring...
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Pulmonaria: Diana Clare, Blue Ensign, Blake’s Silver

Pulmonaria – three spring-flowering varieties:  Diana Clare – a vigorous semi-evergreen perennial with narrow silvery-green leaves, flecked with dark green near the edges, and violet-blue flowers from late winter to late Spring.   And Blue Ensign – a strong-growing deciduous perennial to 30cm tall, with broad, dark green leaves and compact...
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