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Tag Archives: pansies

Tubs, Baskets, Pansies and Violas

Like it or not, it is time to think of Autumn tubs and baskets.  It is tempting to leave the summer displays for as long as possible, but for a really satisfactory winter show, you need to make the change before the end of October. We recommend rattan baskets for...
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Autumn Borders, Winter Bedding, Trees and Hedging

Autumn Borders Asters – or Symphyotrichum (as we ought to call them now) are in full flower. We still have a good selection of the novae-anglia mildew resistant varieties, lovely shades of mauve, purple pink and white.  A nice change from the red and yellow autumn colours. Salvias are looking...
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Autumn Bedding

Autumn Bedding Now is the time to ditch those sad summer containers and plant out with autumn bedding.  The sooner you do it the better your winter display will be.  The days are getting shorter and the plants are slowing down, so buy larger plants and plant closer than in...
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October Planting – Wallflowers, Digitalis (Foxgloves) and Pansies

Wallflowers, Digitalis (Foxgloves) and Pansies Wallflowers All the self-colour wallflowers at Downside are F1 Hybrids which means that not only will they be naturally bushy without having to pinch out, but also they will have superior garden performance in terms of flowers.  This gives you a much better plant than...
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