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Tag Archives: pansies

Downside Update

After a very dull autumn and winter, spring is slowly arriving. The first of the cherry blossom is showing and the sarcococcas are in full flower and smelling fantastic. The big greenhouse is packed with colour – pansies & violas, primroses, bellis and anemones.  We have a wonderful display of hellebores,...
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Winter Planting

There is still plenty of colour on the nursery for winter planting. Pansies. Anemones, Bellis, Cyclamen, Hellebores and Polyanthus and Primroses for the spring. In the shrub section, Mahonias and Sarcococca are in flower now; they are wonderfully scented and provide some winter food for the bees. There are also...
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Colour in your garden

Colour in your garden A lot of summer bedding hung on well into November, so some of you may not have replanted yet. We still have plenty of colourful plants to cheer you up in this gloomy weather – pansies, cyclamen, bellis – all in flower and will go on...
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