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Category Archives: Unusual

Cordyline australis Can Can

Cordyline australis Can Can (Cabbage Palm)  is a tropical looking evergreen with spiky foliage – a striking clump forming variety, rather than making a stem.   The new foliage emerges with an attractive variegation pink on red and ages to cream on green. An excellent plant as a focal point in a border or...
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Carex plyllocephala Whirling Sparkler

Lorraine is really pleased to have been able to source this once again, as it has been unobtainable for several years.  It is nice grass and always popular ‘Sparkler’ is an evergreen sedge with whorled, strap-like leaves that are light-green with cream margins on an upright stem which create a...
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Nigella Hispanica (Spanish love-in-a-mist)

Special Offer for members of the Bath University Gardening Club for Nigella Hispanica (Spanish love-in-a-mist) seeds Members of the Bath University Gardening Club who went on the Hampshire outing last summer will remember the lovely, tall, dark blue hardy annual Nigella hispanica  (Spanish love-in-a-mist) filling in the herbaceous borders at Bury Court....
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AlbiziaTrees AlbiziaTrees are small shrubby deciduous trees growing to 5–12 m tall, with a broad crown of level or arching branches and delicate feathered leaves.   Lorraine saw a splendid specimen of one in the summer when on a visit with the University of Bath’s Gardening Club to Grange-over-Sands.  She is particularly delighted therefore...
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