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Category Archives: Soft Fruit


The fruit you buy in the supermarket has to be picked what the trade calls ‘backward’ i.e. unripe, in order to give it shelf life, so it never reaches its full flavour potential. Growing your own is really worthwhile from the point of view of both flavour and economy. A...
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Soft Fruit varieties as at 18 January 2018

Please refer to the previous post for information about the soft fruit varieties offered here at Downside Nurseries. Here’s the list of our newly arrived soft fruit as at 18 January 2018; for the list with helpful comments please refer to the plants page on our website in the next few...
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Soft Fruit

The long mild autumn seems ages ago but we are still feeling the effects of it.  Deciduous plants need to become dormant before lifting so the soft fruit we normally expect in early November has only just arrived. Blueberries: are becoming increasingly popular and are easy to grow provided you...
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