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The fruit you buy in the supermarket has to be picked what the trade calls ‘backward’ i.e. unripe, in order to give it shelf life, so it never reaches its full flavour potential. Growing your own is really worthwhile from the point of view of both flavour and economy. A modest outlay will give years of delicious harvests.

We have a splendid selection of soft fruit at present. You do not even have to have a garden; we have patio apples, cherries and raspberries. You can grow strawberries in pots and baskets and blueberries are best grown in pots in this area anyway. If you plant now you should be picking this summer.

It has been a late-season this year- or not as early as we had started to become accustomed to anyway.   It is a good time to plant bedding and we still have a wide selection.

The vegetable bench is full, and we will keep it topped up until the end of June for those who like to plant after your early potatoes have been lifted.

We are open all this week, as usual, 9-5.

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