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Category Archives: Roses

Roses at Downside

The David Austin roses are still unavailable to us.  These are Hybrid Tea/shrub rose hybrids and their virtue is that they flower all season like their Hybrid Tea antecedents. They are not the only ones however; other breeders have been working and producing similar hybrids, which are every bit as...
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It has not been an ideal season for roses, a lot of black spot around, but some of the old favourites are showing their worth and performing wonderfully.  We still ahve Sally Holmes in full flower and the delightful and hard to find Rosa mutabilis.  This is one of the...
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The perennial beds are full of colour.  There are Achilleas,  Phlox , Monardas , Echinaceas and Rudbeckias.  We are particularly pleased with Terry Dowdeswell’s New Millennium Delphiniums – the flower spikes have real quality and some of the stems are like bamboo canes. The roses have survived the wet and...
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Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday gifts

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday (6th March),  then check out our ready-made baskets and tubs, as well as our roses. They make such lovely presents and last so very much longer than cut flowers.    Our selection of roses include: 90cm Standard Red...
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Dead-heading roses

Gardening ‘Which’ have just reported on a trial about dead-heading roses.  Cutting back to the first leaf showed by far the best results, rather than just removing the dead head or cutting back to a leaf with five leaflets.  I think that is what most of us do anyway, but...
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