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Magnificent summer display for our June Banner

Red Roses

Red Roses are a Valentine’s Day tradition, but instead of buying a bunch of flowers which will only last a few days, why not buy a rose bush instead?  It will cost around the same amount (and have a much lower carbon footprint).  It will flower all summer and many summers to come.  If you want deep red, we can suggest:

  • Moment in Time (Floribunda) or
  • Pure Poetry (Hybrid T)

There are plenty of other wonderful roses to choose from and our 2024 Roses List is on the website now.  We also produce a “Roses for special occasions” sheet which you may find helpful.  
Thanks to our team member Christina for the Golden Wedding and Simply The Best rose images below.

And this paragraph was featured in today’s The Knowledge, taken from
The Washington Post: (14th Feb 2024)

“Roses are red, but they certainly aren’t green, says The Washington Post. Whereas most goods are shipped around the world, flowers are flown to preserve their freshness – a method of transport 100 times more carbon-intensive. One study found that an imported bouquet sold in Britain is worse for the environment than “an 8-ounce steak raised on deforested land in Brazil and consumed in London”. “

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