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Magnificent summer display for our June Banner

New stocklist on the website

Our stocklists have now been updated for 2024, showing all the stock we expect to have available this season, but we are adding new items all the time. Also, occasionally, we get let down by suppliers when things promised do not turn up; this is especially true of bedding. Not everything grows all the time, even for experts!

Since the list was compiled, we have managed to source some Cotoneaster trees. These are attractive and useful for screening as they are semi-evergreen, keeping their leaves in all but the worst winters, and not too large for most gardens. All have abundant white flowers in June and berries in autumn

Cotoneaster Cornubia                    6m   red berries 

Cotoneaster Rothschildeanus       5m   yellow berries

Cotoneaster x watereri                   5m   red berries highly scented flowers

Our thanks to Newey Plants for the use of their images.

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