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Magnificent summer display for our June Banner


Which plants? our strategy at the Nursery 

Our mission here at Downside Nurseries is to provide the widest possible range of quality plants.  We have just finished our stocklist for 2024. As ever with plants, not everything we would have liked is available, but we certainly have an impressive list. 

A quick count shows that we have over 130 different varieties of ornamental tree currently on the nursery, including the well-loved Mountain Ash and 12 other varieties of Sorbus with berries ranging from red to pink and white – a good choice for a small garden.

After a busy spring last year, the Herbaceous section is being replenished. Interesting new additions this year are Agastache Morello, Asclepias Soulmate and Geranium Double Jewel. These should be ready by early April.

Our 2024 Stock List is now up on the website. Here’s the link.

Sorbus plant photos from Frank Matthews with thanks, and the display of Sorbus berries from Nerys, also with thanks! And more thanks to Ball Colgrave for the images of the Geranium Double Jewel and the Agastache Morello top left, and to Volmary for the Asclepias incarnata Soulmate top right.

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