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Summer Planting

Those autumn pansy baskets may still be looking magnificent but it is time to take them down. Winter pansies are bred for low light conditions and will quickly become overblown if you leave them in the sun. No need to throw them away though; find a shady area and, with a bit of feed and some TLC, they will brighten a dull corner all summer. If you do not have a bracket, stand them in a flowerpot.

We still have a wide  range of bedding and basket plants for your summer displays.The quality is particularly good this year.

The vegetable bench is full, beans, lettuce. sweetcorn, leeks and winter brassicas, Kale is not sown until mid-May, the first batch is just ready. Also squashes, courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins, peppers and tomatoes.

The nights are warmer now, time to get planting!

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