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A lovely selection of Winter Flowers from Downside Nurseries

Your vegetable garden

For the vegetable garden, there are plenty of spring cabbage and winter lettuce plants ready. If you have an empty cold glasshouse you could try a few spring cabbages in pots (use a soil-based compost).  You will be cutting weeks ahead of the outdoor ones.

Mangetout are another worthwhile cold glass crop. If you can plant them in a tub or trough with some support, you can move them outside when you need the space in the spring. They are completely cold hardy but a bit of shelter from the drying wind helps enormously.  We will sow a few trays if you want to try. They will crop in April and the cropping season is a lot longer than in the summer.

Watercress is another winter winner. It grows perfectly well in a pot and will not try and flower in the short days. It roots where the stems touch the soil so one pot from the herb bench planted in a 12” pot or bowl will keep you supplied all winter long.

Watercress at Downside

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