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EnviroMat Kits for ground/flat roof and pitched roof

EnviroMat sedum matting gives you an easy-to-maintain,  beautiful flower garden where you thought it was impossible for plants to survive.  The beauty of EnviroMat is that it gives instant results.  The pre-grown plant mats are despatched with at least 95% plant coverage.  All you need to do is unroll them onto a prepared area, water them in and then sit back and admire your work.

EnviroMat sedum matting is a high specification vegetation blanket designed for use on extensive green roofs on flat or pitched roofs. EnviroMat can also be used as an alternative to a traditional grass lawn. This UK-grown sedum matting has a lower carbon footprint than similar products grown overseas and is produced to a very high specification. EnviroMat offers a one-stop shop for everything you need to create a living green roof with a whole range of benefits for you, your building and the environment.

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