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Tomatoes with several Cordon varietiesat Downside

The first tomato plants are ready now for those of you with some heat. Leave the plants in their pots until you can see a little yellow on the first flowers. This will encourage an earlier, lower first truss.

It is worthwhile starting the season with a pot of determinate (basket) plants. You do not need a basket, they are fine in a pot with a flower cane or two and will crop 3-4 weeks before the cordon varieties.  A welcome early start to the season.  We have Tumbler, Maskotka and Losetto (blight resistant)

Cordon varieties this year are Shirley, Olivade, Moneymaker, Alicante, Gardeners’ Delight,  Matina, Orange Santa, Supersteak, Black Cherry, Brandy Boy and Floridity, a cherry plum, which replaces Rosada which is no longer available.

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