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Michaelmas Daisies or Symphotrichium

Our Michaelmas Daisies or Symphotrichium (as we are trying to learn to call them) are in flower now. We have a wide colour range, white, mauve, purple, pink.  These are the novae-angliae type which does not get mildew. Not many places stock these.  Their only drawback is that they are rather tall – 100cm.  If that is too much for your border, give them the “Chelsea chop”.

  • ‘Andenken an Alma Pötschke’
  • Barrs Violet
  • Harringtons Pink
  • Helen Picton
  • James Ritchie
  • Lou Williams
  • Marina Walk
  • Purple Cloud
  • Purple Dome
  • Sayers Croft
  • Schnee Heugel

(Limited quantities only of some varieties)

If you haven’t come across the expression “The Chelsea Chop”, check out this link to the RHS website

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