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Magnificent Magnolias for our April Banner


We have been trying some new varieties of runner beans.   Lady Di, advertised as an early, has not really come to much, and will crop at the same time as our standard Achievement, an old favourite and a good flavour.

The dwarf runner Solitaire on the other hand has been a great success. Planted in a tub and put out after the frosts were over, it has been cropping since mid-June.  The beans would not win any show prizes, but they taste fine. We may offer a batch next spring – do let us know if you would be interested.

Hurry, hurry, hurry… We know  lot of you like to put your winter greens in after lifting your early potatoes, but if you want a decent crop it is high time they were planted.  We still have plenty and leeks as well, but this is the last batch.  We will try and keep lettuce going until the autumn.

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