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Sugar Peas, Bedding, Tomatoes, Hydrangeas

Sugar Peas for the Spring

Lorraine has sown some sugar peas which are great to over winter in cold glass.  Then, you can put them outside in the Spring when you need the room, and harvest them in April.

These should be ready for you at the Nursery from mid-October.


Remember that bedding, eg packs of pansies, purchased in the Autumn which are really small, are likely to stay that way.  Because of the shorter days and colder nights, they won’t grow on as they would in the Spring.  Here at Downside, ours are already well grown and a good size before being offered for sale, so that they will flower all winter for you.



Tomatoes: if you have some un-ripened fruit, cut off the whole truss and pop into a vase of water where they will ripen.

Hydrangeas: resist the temptation to dead head until after the frosts have gone in the Spring

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