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Tag Archives: watering

Trees, hedging and watering

There is still plenty of time to plant trees and hedges.  We have a splendid selection of trees in from Frank Matthews – something for every size of garden. If your space is limited, we have Betula Moonbeam (see featured image) – smaller than the regular jaquemontii, Eucalyptus Azura, far...
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Hanging Baskets

Keep watering those hanging baskets… The wind can be very drying and the rain scarcely penetrates the foliage.   if they do dry out, the only thing to do is stand them in a bucket of water for an hour or two. For further information about feeding and watering your...
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The importance of watering your plants

It is lovely to buy plants in full bloom – they have the ‘wow’ factor.  By the look of the frantic e-mails we are getting, some of you are seriously under-estimating the amount of watering they need. Plants in flower at least double their water requirements and if they are...
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