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Category Archives: News

Nursery News 17th June

Once the rain stops, don’t forget to feed and water your hanging baskets regularly. The baskets you buy from us will all have been given long-term fertiliser. With regular watering and feeding, your summer basket should last you until the first frost.  To get the best from your basket, just...
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Nursery News 12th May 2012

Frosts should finally be over now so good for tender bedding.  Nearly time for planting runner beans, courgettes and marrows.  All varieties of tomatoes now available as well as indoor and outdoor cucumbers, sweet peppers, chilli peppers.  We also have a few mini cucumbers, Ogen melon and we’re experimenting with...
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Nursery News 5th April

10 of our 14 varieties of tomatoes are now ready for planting out with the rest following soon. Come and check out our selection Despite the glorious weather we’ve been having don’t be tempted to plant tender summer bedding – still too early. But still time to plant trees and...
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