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Erysimum (perennial wallflowers)- colour on the Nursery today, 22nd March

Early flowering plants
Plants that flower early are especially important for the bumble bees that are beginning to emerge on warm days. Some of our autumn potted perennials are already in flower, notably the hardy Geraniums and Erysimum (perennial wallflower). Erysimum (perennial wallflowers) Bowles Mauve is flowering now and will continue all season. The Cherry Trees are in blossom, the Chanomales are full of colour; even the humble pansies will provide welcome refreshment.  (The winter pansies on sale now will go on flowering all summer if planted in a shady place).  Keeping your garden colourful not only cheers you up but is good for insect life as well.

See the Herbaceous Perennials plant list

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