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Recycling of black pots

We have been asked by Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon about the recycling of black pots.

The industry is moving towards taupe or grey pots but the supply is still limited and small fry like us have not yet been offered them. In any case, they are a mixed blessing: for a start,  plants prefer their roots dark(orchids are an exception) and the difference can be surprising. Also, annoyingly, the larger firms are taking advantage of the light colour to have promotional material printed on the pots, so although they can be recycled, they cannot be reused.

Unlike most taupe or grey pots, black pots are made entirely of recycled plastic and, although they cannot be put in the Council bins, there is an industry scheme for recycling black pots and trays where there is sufficient volume to justify a collection.

Most suppliers are beginning to use returnable plug trays. We save the non-returnable ones for our own production but, at present, we still have a surplus so if you would like some please ask.

As we said in our Newsletter in  April 2017, we are always happy to take back our own pots for re-use, but please no odds and ends – we cannot use them and end up having to pay for their disposal. Do not be offended if we pick and choose,

The pots do not need to be washed but please: 

  • No broken pots
  • No printed pots
  • No snails- we have plenty of our own!
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