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Magnificent Magnolias for our April Banner

Planting Trees

Tree Order

This is an excellent time to plant trees. We have just had our autumn delivery from Frank P Matthews with some very nice and unusual varieties. Unfortunately, due to the renovation work on the propagating house, some of the tree wires cannot be used so some of the trees are in the barn but please do ask.
A few highlights:-
Acer davidii Viper
Acer negundo White Lightning
Acer Autumn Blaze
Acer Arctic Jade
Albizia Chocolate Fountain
Albizia Evys Pride
Albizia Ombrella
Amelanchier Rainbow Pillar
Betula Mount Apoi
Calycanthus Aphrodite
Cercis Eternal Flame
Cercis Vanilla Twist
Davidia involucrata
Laburnum Yellow Rocket
Pyrus Chanticleer
Robinia Lacy Lady
Robinia Pink Cascade
Toona Flamingo
With thanks to Frank Matthews for the use of their images.

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