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Vegetables at Downside Nurseries

When we checked our vegetable list against ‘Gardening Which’s’ list of recommended varieties, we were pleased to find most of the varieties we grow on it. Those that are not are all top-quality commercial varieties not generally available as seed for amateurs so outside their remit.

This year we have added sweet pepper Redskin, a compact early red pepper suitable for growing in a container. Also, even though we already grow 14 kinds of tomato, we have added anotherHeinz 3402 – we simply couldn’t resist giving it a trial. This is the one they breed especially for making their tomato soup and passata.  It is an outdoor determinate (bush) variety with a prostrate habit and medium-sized smooth and uniform fruit.  It will be available in the later batches ready to plant out when there is no danger of frost.

Heinz H3402 tomato

Heinz H3402 tomato

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