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Bedding at Downside Nurseries

Our bedding is all listed on our website here.

Our bestselling Argyranthemum marguerite “Madeira Cherry Red” disappeared from the list this year. It was always difficult to obtain so probably it was hard to propagate. We are trying Angelic Burgundy instead which seems to be the nearest and a few Aramis Velvet Red.  Otherwise, we have a similar selection of the Madeira series as last year: White, Crested Hot Pink, Double Pink, Crested Yellow and also Aramis Double White.

A lot of customers prefer larger plants which we cannot easily obtain commercially so we propagate our own – White Single, Jamaica Primrose and Chelsea Girl – white single flowers and very attractive finely cut foliage.

There will also be the large Pink Halo, Grandaisy Red and Butterfly – you only need three for a 15” pot and they will flower all summer.



Istoma axillaris (also known as Laurentia axillaris) has been disappointing recently. The seed generated ones are no good – they get leggy and go over by the end of the season. The cuttings ones used to be wonderful blue mounds of flowers all summer and no need to deadhead, but the quality of the stock has deteriorated badly and we resolved to discontinue them. Several new varieties have become available however and we have bought some to try!  Fizz & Pop Pink turns out to be not very pink but good plants flowering already.  Fizz & Pop Purple – not quite as vigorous but a strong colour, and Mintaka Blue which looks very promising. Try them and let us know how you get on.

Istoma axillaris (Laurentia) Fizz Pop

Istoma axillaris (Laurentia) Fizz Pop – thanks to Thompson & Morgan for image

There will be a shortage of the grey trailing Dichondra this year due to a seed failure. We managed to obtain a small amount of last year’s seed and have a few plants coming on, but supply will be limited.

Ammi majus (bullwort) will be available again this year, with its white ‘cow parsley’ flowers.  It is a good bed filler and useful for cutting.  We also have some Ammi visnaga, taller and more finely cut foliage.  Sarah Raven enthuses over it for cut flower use so we are giving it a try (and the image of this is from Sarah Raven)


Ammi majus (bullword)

Ammi majus (bullword)

Ammi visnaga

Ammi visnaga (thanks to Sarah Raven for image)

We grow Nicotiana sylvestris, Nicotiana mutabilis and Nicotiana langsdorfii every year from seed. We will have plenty available and you will be hard-pressed to find them elsewhere.

Nicotiana sylvestris

Nicotiana sylvestris

Our own scented leaf and fancy leaf pelargoniums are ready now. We are always adding to our collection so there is an even wider choice this year. Numbers are limited though – when they’re gone, they are gone!

Pelargonium Geranium scentedMme Nonin

Pelargonium Geranium scented Mme Nonin

Our thanks also to RHS for use of their image and also to our own Christina Cornish