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Cyclamen at Downside Nurseries

The coloured cyclamen on the bench now are Metis F₁ hybrids raised from seed down in May.  They are intended for tubs and containers and are hardy.  A sharp frost may shrivel the flowers but new ones will rapidly appear. Many customers plant them out in their gardens when they empty their containers and establish them successfully.

For naturalising you need C. hederifolium (autumn flowering) or C. coum (spring flowering). These take at least two years from seed to make a saleable plant which is why they cost a little more – another FAQ!

We have both C. hederifolium and C. coum plants in stock. Both are also widely available as corms. This is a perfectly good way to raise them but cyclamen have very fine roots and resent disturbance. It takes them a year or two to get going again. The corms get bigger year by year and in some long-established gardens can reach the size of saucers.

See the whole plant list under ‘Plants’ Cyclamen & pansy basketon our website, but do call or email ahead if there is something specific you want.


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