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We shall be producing our usual comprehensive range of vegetables this year. Most of our tried and trusted varieties will be available but, alas, nothing ever stays the same for long and a few old favourites are no longer available:

  • Cabbage Hispi – a spring and summer pointed cabbage has been replaced by MerlinF1 which we are assured will be even better.
  • Dwarf French bean (Flat podded): The Prince replaces Masterpiece and
  • Dwarf French bean (pencil podded): Faraday replaces Allegro and is highly recommended
  • Tomato Rosada – a mini plum variety has been discontinued, so we are growing Floridity F  We have tried these before and they were very good.  Highly recommended by the RHS.

While we are on the subject of tomatoes, “Which? Gardening” has just named tomato Olivade as the best plum tomato for yield, flavour and ease of growing.

The round potato leaved tomato, Matina, came top of the taste trials a few years ago.

We are trialling Brandy Boy F, a hybrid of Brandy Wine but with enhanced flavour and shape in the Beefsteak section.

We have put Brix values where they are available in the list for the first time this year. The higher the number, the sweeter the tomato.

A fuller explanation of Brix for those who want it:
°Brix is a measure of the Total Soluble Solid (TSS) content in the tomato or tomato product. The TSS in tomatoes is mainly sugars (fructose). A tomato juice, which is assessed as having 20 ° Brix, has 200g/litre of soluble sugars. Tomatoes for processing require a minimum °Brix of 4.5. This compares with an acceptable range of 3.5 – 5.5 in fresh tomatoes. 

A full vegetable list is on our website