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Patio Plants and Bedding

We had better start with apologies for absence.  There will be no Torenia Blue Moon this season.   This is a registered variety so we have to buy the cuttings and there is a crop failure.

Also absent is Dolichos Lab Lab Ruby Moon – a minority interest but still beloved by some.  The plants have come up green (commercial seed).  It just goes to show how careful you have to be about cross pollination if you are growing a seed crop.

More cheerfully we have the new dwarf cosmos from Syngenta Casanova (10-20cms). This should be good in low beds and really useful as a filler in tubs and even large baskets.  Cosmos have lovely feathery foliage and flower all summer long.  The red in the mixture has a European Fleuroselect Gold Medal which means it is outstanding.  We shall have plenty of the usual Sonata mixed and self- colours and the pretty pink Antiquity as well.

When Panicum Frosted Explosion ornamental grass appeared at the Ball Colegrave bedding trials three years ago it was voted the most popular innovation by the visitors.  It erupts into finely cut flower heads which are a wonderful foil for other plants.  It takes time to get going so is easily overlooked – highly recommended.

Otherwise we shall have our usual comprehensive selection.  Shop early for the scented pelargoniums – there are good stocks of some but a few are difficult to root and there are limited numbers.

For details of our fuchsias and all our patio plants and bedding check out our bedding page on our website.

Lorraine Young
Downside Nurseries

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