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Summer Bedding

We have a fantastic selection of Summer Bedding for you, even if we say so ourselves….. But it is still too early to plant out tender stock and some of the vegetables.  Runner beans particularly resent being cold, and the frosts can still catch the geraniums, petunias and fuchsias.  We have added our bedding plants onto our overall plant list on the website this year, so do take a look – we have a huge stock from which to choose:

We have divided the list into

  • Patio Plants in 9cm pots – more than 80 to choose from
  • Patio Plants in 10cm pots – approx 60
  • Annual climbers – 9
  • Fuchsias in 10cm pots (36 varieties)
  • Geraniums in 10cm pots (12 varieties of zonal, 13 of fancy leaf, 14 of ivy leaf, 25 of scented leaf)
  • Premium pack bedding
  • Pack bedding – lots in plain colours

We work hard to bring you our bedding in the best condition we can.  We pay extra for good compost and add fertilizer to make sure your plants get a good 6 month start.  For best results, feed them as well.

Pack Bedding marigolds, Dahlia, Crysanthemums

Pack Bedding marigolds, Dahlia, Crysanthemums

Pack Petunias at Downside Nurseries

Pack petunias – Upright


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