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Stevia leaf extract for sugar reduction

Stevia leaf extract for sugar reduction

The Stevia rebaudiana – sweet herb of Paraguay is an interesting plant!  It’s a tender upright perennial with non-showy, white tubular flowers suitable for full sun in milder climates or filtered afternoon shade in hot climates in good garden soil.  Flowering time is late summer to early Autumn and height is approx 60-90 cms (2-3’).

If you’ve seen the recent ads for Coca Cola, their ‘strap line’ is “More choice, less calories” and their claim to a sugar reduction of 37% is thanks for Stevia leaf extract.

You can use fresh Stevia leaves as a sweetener in beverages, such as tea, lemonade, or in sauces.   Or what about when you are cooking your apples, pears and fruits?    Or mix with mint leaves to make a refreshing herbal tea when steeped in boiling water.

Try dry Stevia leaves as a sweetener.   2 tablespoons of Stevia powder equal approx 1 cup of sugar

If you search on line for cooking with Stevia leaves you’ll see some of the many options.Here’s one site we found but we’re not endorsing its contents in any way.

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