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A lovely selection of Winter Flowers from Downside Nurseries

Pruning Tips



Just a reminder not to trim the dead heads until you are sure the frosts are over – however tempting this may be!  See the RHS guide to pruning hydrangeas

The Hydrangea paniculata Pinky-Winky (‘Dvppinky’) is really stunning.   Really well suited to small gardens, they bloom from early August to early October.  The flowers open in lime green and develop as they age, maturing to deepest pink, often revealing all the colours in one spike.


Again, don’t get carried away!  When flowering is finished, give them their first trim – by about half their size.  This will help them over the winter to keep their frame structure in place without getting blown about by the winds.     Then, next Spring when they start to shoot, continue to prune most varieties hard back, except for climbing roses.  The RHS guide is always a great source of information/confirmation when in need:
If your rose(s) is suffering from black spot, gather up all the diseased leaves over the Autumn and remove.

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