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Vegetable and Salad Plants

Fruit and Veg seedlings and Plants

Fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden are unbeatable. We grow a wide selection ready to plant out which this year will include 8 varieties of lettuce, 17 of tomatoes and 5 chilli peppers.

Our fruit and vegetable plants are homegrown and include commercial varieties for increased cropping and disease resistance.

Spring and early summer are the main planting times. Spring Cabbage is available from August onward.

To see the list of fruit and vegetable plants that we have in stock at the beginning of the season, please see the list below; this does not, however, guarantee availability on the day of your visit. Conversely, there may be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Location: Our vegetables and salad plants may be found outside, to the right of the propagating house.

Don’t miss out on our range of fresh herbs either.

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Vegetables and Salad Plants:

Species Variety Description Size
Artichoke Arad Purple heads,fine flavour,almost spineless 2 litre
Asparagus Gijnlim F1 Excellent flavour,early all male hybrid 4 litre
Aubergine Moneymaker F1 Early,medium height good dark fruit 9cm pot
Baby Leaf Essential Mix Contains lettuce,endive and spicy oriental leaves Half tray
Bean,Broad The Sutton Short plant,long cropping period,very good flavour Half tray
Bean,Dwarf Tintoretto Borlotti  16cm red pods, cream beans striped with red Half tray
Bean,Dwarf Nassau Early maturing flat podded variety.Self fertile Half tray
Bean,Dwarf Faraday Early maturing pencil podded variety.Self fertile Half tray
Bean,French Hunter Climbing,Smooth Flat pods, Blue Lake type.Self fertile Half tray
Bean,French Cobra Climbing,Smooth round pods, superb flavour.Self fertile Half tray
Runner Bean Achievement High quality long good flavoured beans Half tray
Runner Bean White Lady White flowers which are less attractive to birds Half tray
Beetroot Pablo F1 Maincrop,good deep red internal colour Six Pack
Broccoli Burbank F1 White spears,extra early,superior flavour Six Pack
Broccoli Claret F1 April heading,thick succulent spears Six Pack
Brussels Sprout Maximus F1 Sweet flavour all season variety.RHS & Which choice Six Pack
Cabbage Advantage F1 Pointed for summer, autumn,winter and spring Six Pack
Cabbage Merlin F1 Pointed for late spring and summer.Replaces Hispi Six Pack
Cabbage Rigoletto F1 Savoy,compact,stands well Six Pack
Cabbage Deadon F1 January King type with good sweet flavour Six Pack
Cabbage Rodeo Red,good for salads or cooking Six Pack
Calabrese Marathon F1 Standard variety,good colour and flavour Six Pack
Calabrese Sticcoli F1 Tenerstem variety for early autumn cropping Six Pack
Carrot Mercurio F1 Nantes type for early crops Six Pack
Carrot FlyawayF1 Nantes type,good tolerance of root fly Six Pack
Cauliflower Aviron F1 Good quality heads,summer and autumn cropping Six Pack
Cauliflower Graffiti F1 Purple curd,crops summer and autumn Six Pack
Cauliflower Navona F! Romanesco type,dark green,crops Sept-Nov. Six Pack
Celariac Prinz High quality,resistant to bolting Six Pack
Celery Celebrity Quick maturing,self blanching,,very little stringiness Six Pack
Chilli Pepper Apache F1 Dwarf plant,small red fruits,hot 80,000shu 9cm pot
Chilli Pepper Cayenne Red Hot and pungent 40 000shu 9cm pot
Chilli Pepper Cheyenne F1 Compact 10cm orange fruits  medium hot 40,000shu 9cm pot
Chilli Pepper Demon Red Compact 2,5cm red fruits,hot 100,000shu 9cm pot
Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet Habenero type,red,very hot, strong pungency 250,000shu 9cm pot
Courgette Ambassador F1 High quality dark green fruit 9cm pot
Courgette Eight Ball F1 Small round fruits, good for stuffing 9cm pot
Courgette Atena F1 Yellow fruits of high quality 9cm pot
Cucumber Burpless F1 Outdoor,ridge type,bitter free 9cm pot
Cucumber Carmen F1 Glasshouse,all female,resistant to mildew and gummosis 9sq pot
Cucumber Passandra F1 Glasshouse,all female mini cue.mildew resistant 9sq pot
Cucumber La Diva F1 Outdoor ,all female,superior flavour.Mildew resistant 9sq pot
Florence Fennel Rondo F1 Early maturing,good flavour Six Pack
Gherkin Partner F1 Very compact and productive. Eat fresh or pickled 9sq pot
Herbs Round Pot Basil,borage.chives,coriander,parsley,thyme etc. 9cm pot
Herbs Square Pot Tarragon,mint,sage etc. 9sq pot
Kale Black Magic Improved Black Tuscany type,well flavourd,very hardy Six Pack
Kale Redbor F1 Red  curled leaves for autumn salads or winter vegetable Six Pack
Kale Winterbor F1 Very hardy tightly curled leaves for winter greens Six Pack
Kohl Rabi Ballot F1 Early maturing purple variety,bolt resistsnt Six Pack
Leaf Beet Perpetual spinach Green cut and come again for cooking and salads Six Pack
Leek Warwick F1 Disease resistant,for November to April cropping Six Pack
Lettuce Butterhead Traditional hearted lettuce for early, mid or late crops Six Pack
Lettuce Can Can  Bright green curled cut and come again Six Pack
Lettuce Cos (Tantan) Medium sized cos very crisp with sweet flavour Six Pack
Lettuce Little Gem (Fortaleza) Popular baby cos Six Pack
Lettuce Lollo Rossa (Matador)Traditional red cut and come again Six Pack
Lettuce Iceberg (Gondar) Dense hearts,holds well, tipburn resistant Six Pack
Lettuce Red Salad Bowl (Bolero) Red oak leaf cut and come again Six Pack
Lettuce Salad Bowl (Isira) Green oak leaf cut and come again Six Pack
Marrow Tiger Cross F1 Bush type,early,striped fruit 9cm pot
Melon Galia F1 Sweet and disease resistant 9cm pot
Onion Santero F1 Rijnsburger type,mildew resistant,early maturing Six Pack
Pak Choi Mei Qing Choi F1 Green for baby leaf or hearting.Hot and cold tolerant Six Pack
Pea Delikett Sweet,stringless sugar-snap type Six Pack
Pea Early Onward Swet and early Six Pack
Pea Onward Sweet maincrop variety Six Pack
Pumpkin Early King F1 Medium sized,  perfect forHalloween 9cm pot
Radicchio Amaranta Nice round heads,bolt resistant Six Pack
Salad Onion Reddy Use as red salad onions or space wider and let bulb up Six Pack
Salad Onion Guardsman F1 Almost bulb free,disease resistant Six Pack
Shallot Matador F1 Large sweet bulbs that store well Six Pack
Spinach Clarinet F1 Smooth green leaves for salads or cooking Six Pack
Squash Butternut (Hunter F1) Good flavour and very productive 9cm pot
Squash Crown Prince Superb quality orange flesh,stores well for winter eating 9cm pot
Squash Moonbeam Greenish white fruit, good flavour 9cm pot
Squash Rolet F1 Gem type tennis ball sized fruits trailing habit 9cm pot
Sweet Corn Lark F1 Mid season supersweet “xtra tender” variety Six Pack
Sweet Pepper Bell Boy F1 Traditional, reliable green variety 9cm pot
Sweet Pepper Phoebus F1 Yellow sweet thick early fruits 9cm pot
Sweet Pepper Bendigo Vigorous and early fruiting,red fruits 9cm pot
Sweet Pepper Redskin Medium sized fruit,compact plant, perfect for patio pots 9cm pot
Sweet Pepper Snack Red Small sweet Fruits on compact plants 9cm pot
Swiss Chard Bright Lights Wide colour range,for salads or cooking Six Pack
The Brix value is the measurement used to determine how much sugar is in fruit. The higher the value, then the higher the sugar content and the sweeter the fruit will taste.    Here is a general scale to provide a reference point for brix measurements of tomatoes. (taken from Ball Colegrave)
Brix 4/5: The majority of commercial tomatoes seem to fall into this range; often lack a distinguishing flavour
Brix 7: Gardeners Delight sits about here
Brix 8:  A denser, more intense and concentrated flavour. A noticeably good tomato
Brix 10: A tremendous varietal flavour. The experiencing of a truly great tomato
Tomato Alicante Old favourite,indoor or outdoor(Cordon) 9cm pot
Tomato Black Cherry Small sweet fruits, indoor or outdoor (Cordon) Brix 9 9cm pot
Tomato Cocktail Crush F! Medium sweet/acid fruit Blight resistant (Cordon) 9cm pot
Tomato Crimson CrushF1 Large sweet fruit. Blight resistant inor outdoor (Cordon) 9cm pot
Tomato Floridity F1 Cherry Plum (replaces Rosada) Brix9.5 (Cordon) 9cm pot
Tomato Gardener’s Delight Cherry type,good flavour,in or outdoor (Cordon) Brix7 9cm pot
Tomato Maskotka Basket type,very early tasty good sized fruit 9cm pot
Tomato Matina Potato leaved,in/outdoor,top of Which flavour trials.(C) 9cm pot
Tomato Moneymaker Classic variety,in or outdoor.(Cordon) 9cm pot
Tomato Mountain MagicF1 Blight resistant in/outdor Good flavour (Cordon) 9cm pot
Tomato Olivade F1 Pum tomato,exellent quality,high yeilding (Cordon)Brix 5 9cm pot
Tomato Red Alert Outdoor bush (Determinate),good flavour and yield 9cm pot
Tomato Shirley F1 Glasshouse,cold tolerant,high quality (Cordon) 9cm pot
Tomato Sugargloss F1 Extra sweet cherry tomato Brix 12 (Cordon) 9cmpot
Tomato Sungold F1 Orange cherry cordon variety. A.G.M.  Brix 10 9cm pot
Tomato Supersteak F1 Very large sweet fruits.Indeterminate (Cordon) Brix5 9cm pot
Tomato Tumbler F1 Popular basket type,early fruiting, good flavour Brix 6 9cm pot