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Vegetable and Salad Plants

Fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden are unbeatable. We grow a wide selection ready to plant out which this year will include 7 varieties of lettuce, 13 of tomatoes and 6 chilli peppers.

Our fruit and vegetable plants are homegrown and include commercial varieties for increased cropping and disease resistance.

Spring and early summer are the main planting times. Spring Cabbage is available from August onward.

To see the list of fruit and vegetable plants that we have in stock at the beginning of the season, please see the list below; this does not, however, guarantee availability on the day of your visit. Conversely, there may be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Location: Our vegetables and salad plants may be found outside, to the right of the propagating house.

Tomatoes, peppers and herbs are just inside the main greenhouse, to your right as you enter.

Don’t miss out on our range of fresh herbs either.

Downside Nurseries Vegetable and Salad Plant List as at February 2024

Please remember that the plant list is correct as at February 2024, but not all plants may be available on the day of your visit

If you’d like to download this page, please click here

Vegetable and Salad Plants 2024 from Downside Nurseries
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