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spring flowers from Downside

Vegetable and Salad Plants

Fresh fruit and vegetables from your own garden are unbeatable. We grow a wide selection ready to plant out which this year will include 8 varieties of lettuce, 17 of tomatoes and 5 chilli peppers.

Our fruit and vegetable plants are homegrown and include commercial varieties for increased cropping and disease resistance.

Spring and early summer are the main planting times. Spring Cabbage is available from August onward.

To see the list of fruit and vegetable plants that we have in stock at the beginning of the season, please see the list below; this does not, however, guarantee availability on the day of your visit. Conversely, there may be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Location: Our vegetables and salad plants may be found outside, to the right of the propagating house.

Tomatoes, peppers and herbs are just inside the main greenhouse, to your right as you enter. We recently featured Tomatoes in our newsletter that we sent on 5th April. You can read about them here.

Don’t miss out on our range of fresh herbs either.

Downside Nurseries Vegetable and Salad Plant List as at March 2022
Please remember that the list below is correct as at March 2022, but not all of these plants may be available on the day of your visit 

If you’d like to download this page, please click here

ArtichokeArad2 litrePurple heads,fine flavour,almost spineless
AsparagusGijnlim F14 litreAll female hybrid mid season. WhichAGM
AubergineBonica F1 9cm potEarly,medium height good dark green fruit AGM                                  
Baby LeafEssential MixHalf trayContains lettuce,endive and
spicy oriental leaves
Bean,BroadThe SuttonHalf trayShort plant,long cropping period,very good
flavour  AGM      
Bean,DwarfTintorettoHalf trayBorlotti  16cm red pods, cream beans
striped with red
Bean,DwarfNassauHalf trayEarly maturing flat podded variety.Self fertile
Bean,DwarfFaradayHalf trayEarly maturing pencil podded variety.
Self fertile
Bean,FrenchHunterHalf trayClimbing,Smooth Flat pods, Blue Lake type.
Self fertile  AGM
Bean,FrenchCobraHalf trayClimbing,Smooth round pods superb flavour.
Self fertile  AGM
Runner BeanAchievementHalf trayHigh quality long good flavoured beans  AGM                             
Runner BeanWhite LadyHalf trayWhite flowers which are less attractive to
birds AGM                      
BeetrootPablo F1Six PackMaincrop, good deep red internal colour AGM                                 
BroccoliBurbank F1Six PackWhite spears,extra early,superior flavour
BroccoliClaret F1Six PackApril heading,thick succulent spears Which AGM                                          
Brussels SproutMaximus F1Six PackSweet flavour early mid season  
Which choice AGM
CabbageDeadon F1Six PackJanuary King type with good sweet flavour
CabbageRigoletto F1Six PackSavoy,compact,stands well AGM                                                             
CabbageRodeoSix PackRed,good for salads or cooking
CabbageTantour F1Six PackPointed for summer, autumn,winter
and spring
CalabreseStomboli F1Six PackStandard variety,good colour and flavour  Which                             
CalabreseSticcoli F1Six PackTenerstem variety for early autumn cropping
CarrotMercurio F1Six PackNantes type for early crops
CarrotFlyawayF1Six PackNantes type,good tolerance of root fly  AGM                                      
CauliflowerFreedomF1Six PackGood quality heads,summer and
autumn cropping
CauliflowerGraffiti F1Six PackPurple curd,crops summer and autumn 
Which AGM                                 
CauliflowerNavona F!Six PackRomanesco type,dark green,crops Sept-Nov.
CelariacPrinzSix PackHigh quality,resistant to bolting  AGM                                                     
CeleryCelebritySix PackQuick maturing,self blanching,,very little
Chilli PepperCayennetta F19cm potHot and pungent Compact plant 40 000shu
Chilli PepperDemon Red9cm potCompact 2,5cm red fruits,hot 100,000shu
Chilli PepperHot Banana F19cm potGood for frying and grilling 10,000shu
Chilli PepperSvotch Bonnet 9cm potRed fruits,hot and strong aroma 100,000-
CourgetteDefender F19cm potHigh quality dark green fruit  Which                                                          
CourgetteEight Ball F19cm potSmall round fruits, good for stuffing
CourgetteAtena F19cm potYellow fruits of high quality
CucumberBurpless F19cm potOutdoor,ridge type,bitter free
CucumberCarmen F19sq potGlasshouse,all female,resistant to
mildew and gummosis
CucumberPassandra F19sq potGlasshouse,all female mini cue.mildew
resistant Which           
Florence FennelRondo F1Six PackEarly maturing,good flavour
GherkinAdamF19sq potFruits 9-12cm ide; for pickling
Herbs  see separate listing here
KaleYurok FISix PackImproved Black Tuscany type,well
flavoured hardy
KaleRedbor F1Six PackRed  curled leaves for  salads or
winter vegetable  AGM             
KaleWinterbor F1Six PackVery hardy tightly curled leaves for
winter greens  AGM              
Kohl RabiBallot F1Six PackEarly maturing purple variety,bolt resistant
Leaf BeetPerpetual spinachSix PackGreen cut and come again for cooking
and salads
LeekExeter F1Six PackHigh yeilding, crop from November to mid
LettuceButterheadSix PackTraditional hearted lettuce for early, mid or
late crops
LettuceCan CanSix Pack Bright green curled cut and come again Which                              
LettuceCosSix Pack(Tantan) Medium sized cos very crisp with
sweet flavour
LettuceLittle GemSix Pack(Fortaleza) Popular baby cos
LettuceLollo RossaSix Pack(Matador)Traditional red cut and come again
LettuceIcebergSix Pack(Gondar) Dense hearts,holds well,
tipburn resistant
LettuceRed Salad BowlSix Pack(Bolero) Red oak leaf cut and come again
LettuceSalad BowlSix Pack(Isira) Green oak leaf cut and come again
MarrowTiger Cross F19cm potBush type,early,striped fruit  Which                                                            
MelonBudgie F19cm potYellow fruited bush melon for a sunny spot.
Disease resistant
MelonGalia F19cm potSweet and disease resistant
OnionSantero F1Six PackRijnsburger type,mildew resistant,early maturing
Pak ChoiMei Qing Choi F1Six PackGreen for baby leaf or hearting.
Hot and cold tolerant                                  
PeaDelikettSix PackSweet, stringless sugar-snap type  AGM                                              
PeaEarly OnwardSix PackSweet and early AGM                                                                                           
PeaOnwardSix PackSweet maincrop variety  AGM                                                                   
PumpkinRacer F!9cm potMedium sized,  perfect for Halloween
RadicchioAmarantaSix PackNice round heads,bolt resistant
Salad OnionReddySix PackUse as red salad onions or space wider
and let bulb up
Salad OnionGuardsman F1Six PackAlmost bulb free,disease resistant   AGM                                             
ShallotMatador F1Six PackLarge sweet bulbs that store well
SpinachSanta Cruz F1Six PackMidew resistant and slow bolting for
summer cropping
SquashButternut9cm pot(Hunter F1) Good flavour and very
SquashCrown Prince9cm potSuperb quality orange flesh,stores well for
winter eating
Sweet CornGolden Eagle F1Six PackMid season supersweet “xtra tender” variety                      
Sweet PepperBell Boy F19cm potTraditional, reliable green variety
Sweet PepperBright Star F19cm potCrisp square orange fruit
Sweet PepperBendigo9cm potVigorous and early fruiting,red fruits
Sweet PepperFiesta F19cm potOrange yellow sweet fruits
Sweet PepperPhoebus F19cm potYellow sweet thick early fruits
Sweet PepperRedskin9cm potMedium sized fruit,compact plant, perfect
for patio pots
Swiss ChardBright LightsSix PackWide colour range,for salads or cooking  Which                              
Tomato VarietyCordon, Bush/BasketBrixDescription
AlicanteC3.5Old favourite, indoor or outdoor.
Early maturing producing an excellent
crop of medium sized fruits with a fine
Black CherryC7Small, sweet fruits, with black-purple
skin and dark red flesh. Wonderfully
sweet and juicy flavour. indoor or
Cherry FallsBasket7Early maturing deep red cherry fruits
variety grown best in hanging baskets
or patio pots. Exceptional flavour.
Replaces Tumbler & Tumbling Tom
Crimson Crush F1C7Large round fruit, each weighing
up to 200g. Blight resistant in or
outdoor Which
Divinity F1B6Has a bushy habit and evergreen genes.
Medium, round, fruit, blight resistant,
Which Outdoor. Perfect for containers
on the patio. Excellent yield – up to
Floridity F1C9.5Sweet red teardrop shaped fruits borne
on large multi-clusters. Cherry Plum
(replaces Rosada) Crunchy texture &
outstanding flavour, fleshy & juicy
MaskotkaBSweet, dwarf, cocktail variety that will
thrive in small gardens and can also be
grown in containers. Produces an early
heavy crop of vivid red fruits
MoneymakerC3-4Classic Heirloom variety, in or outdoor.
Popular crop for commercial growers
and a favourite of home gardeners.
Mountain Magic F1C6.5Blight resistant in/outdoor. Good flavour.
Which. All purpose – slice or use as a
cooker or sauce base
Olivade F1C5Early hybrid variety, medium attractive
red plum tomato, excellent quality
Which AGM. Excellent flavour &
heavy cropper
Shirley F1CGlasshouse, cold-tolerant, high quality
Which AGM. Large trusses of medium
size fruits on strong plants.
Sugargloss F1C12Extra sweet cherry tomato produced on
double trusses. High yielding
Sungold F1C9.3Outstanding golden orange cherry variety.
AGM. Thin skinned fruit ideal for salads
or a snack.
Supersteak F1C5Beefsteak variety producing jumbo fruits
with excellent flavour and perfect for slicing.
Sweet Million F1C7.1Blight resistant cherry variety, extremely
hardy producing a large crop of red,
moderately sweet fruit early on.

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