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Selection of Box plants and topiaryTopiary has been used historically in many different European gardening styles, from early Roman to modern-day.  It is the art of training plants (typically evergreen shrubs and trees) into intricate or stylised shapes and forms, thus creating sculpture – from box balls to yew ‘peacocks’.

Box trees, great for topiary

The word comes from the Latin word for an ornamental landscape gardenertopiarius, a creator of topia or “places”.  Common species often chosen for topiary include box, pleached hornbeam, yew and bay.

Did you know the maze at Longleat is planted entirely of English Yew – 16,000 trees!  Planted in 1978 there are 1.7 miles of pathway covering two square miles. Find out more by clicking here.

We keep a selection of standard stock of Topiary at the nursery and can obtain further supplies to order – in small quantities and at relatively short notice. Contact us if we can help.

Standard Olives and Bays are generally in stock, also 1/4 Standards and 1/2 Standards.