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Click to skip to:Colourful Bedding Plants from Wiltshire's Downside Nurseries

Tender patio and bedding plants add warmth and colour to your summer garden. We grow on site a wide variety – something for every situation, sun and shade, e.g. fuchsias, geraniums, trailing petunias and many more!

Most of our seed raised bedding plants are offered in single colour packs as well as mixed to help you get your colour scheme just right. If you’re planning a large scheme, please remember that orders for cutting material need to be booked in September and seed-raised material by January at the very latest.

Bedding varieties change seasonally –please visit us to view all.  The list below represents some of our current selection, but please remember this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in stock on the day you visit!  Conversely, there will be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Our sweet peas are ready from March, plain colours and mixed. We also have plenty of the Matucana variety.

Impatiens New Guinea – 1.5L pots available in a variety of colours from mid May.

Downside Nurseries Bedding List as at 01 April 2021

If you’d like to download an Excel of this page, please click here

Patio Plants in 9cm Pots
Ammi majus Graceland
Anagallis Skylover
Angellonia Serena Mixed
Bacopa Abunda Colossal Blue
Bacopa Ballerina White (double)
Bacopa Falls Summer Pink
Bacopa Versa White
Bidens  El Dorado Early Yellow
Bidens  Golden Glory
Brachyscome Royal Blue
Covolvulus  sabatius
Cuphea  Tornado
Diascia Picadilly Appleblssom
Diascia Picadilly Hot Pink
Diascia PicadillyOrange
Dichondra Silver Falls
Euphorbia Glamour
Felicia amelloides Blue  
Helichrysum microphyllum Silver Mist
Helichrysum petiolatum Gold
Helichrysum petiolatum Silver
Helichrysum petiolatum Variegated
Indian Mint satureja douglasii
Helichrysum Waterfall Blue
Helichrysum Waterfall White
Lysimachia nummularia Aurea
Mini Petunia Aloha Classic Goldrush
Mini Petunia Aloha Classic Hot Orange
Mini Petunia Aloha Classic Hot Pink
Mini Petunia Aloha Classic Purple Sky
Mini Petunia Aloha Kona Cherry Red
Mini Petunia Aloha Kona Light Pink
Mini Petunia Aloha Kona Midnight Blue
Mini Petunia Aloha Kona White
Mini Petunia Cabaret Bright Red
Mini Petunia Cabaret Sky Blue
Mini Petunia Can Can Black Cherry
Mini Petunia Can Can Provence Blue (d)
Mini Petunia Can Can Double Yellow
Mini Petunia Mini Famous Amethyst (d)
Mini Petunia Uno Double Blue
Mini Petunia Uno Double Orange
Mini Petunia Uno Double Orangetastic
Mini Petunia Uno Double Red
Mini Petunia Uno Double White
Mini Petunia Mini Famous White (double)
Mini Petunia Mini Famous Yellow (d)
Nemesia Sunpeddle Blue
Nemesia Sunpeddle Blue Rose
Nemesia Sunpeddle Painted Rose
Nemesia Sunpeddle White
Nepeta  Variegata
Nicotiana langsdorfii
Nicotiana mutabilis
Nicotiana sylvestris
Petunia Alpetunia Blueberry
Petunia Surfinia Amethyst
Petunia Surfinia Black Satin
Petunia Surfinia Blue
Petunia Surfinia Blue Vein
Petunia Surfinia Burgundy
Petunia Surfinia Deep red
Petunia Surfinia Hot Pink
Petunia Surfinia Dark Red
Petunia Surfinia Night Sky
Petunia Surfinia Sky Blue
Petunia Surfinia Sweet Pink
Petunia Surfinia Suzie Storm
Petunia Surfinia Snow White
Petunia Tumbelina Anna (double)
Petunia Tumbelina Diana (double)
Petunia Tumbelina Priscilla(double)
Petunia Tumbelina Sophie (double)
Petunia Tumbelina Susanna (dble)
Sanvitalia  Sunlight
Verbena Be Bop  Pink
Verbena Be Bop Lavender
Verbena Empress Flair Lavender
Verbena Empress Flair Red
Verbena Enchantment Lavender
Verbena Lanai Blue Denim
Verbena Lanai Lime Green
Verbena Empress Flair Pink Charme
Verbena Lanai Peach
Verbena Lanai Raspberry
Verbena Lascar Magenta
Verbena Lascar White
Verbena Showboat Lavender
Verbena Showboat Light Pink
Verbena Showboat Magenta
Verbena Showboat Pink
Verbena Showboat Red
Verbena Showboat White
Verbena Sparkle Dark Pink
Verbena Sparkle Dark Violet

Patio Plants in 10cm Pots

Argyranthemum Chelsea Girl
Argyranthemum Cornish Gold
Argyranthemum Chelsea Girl
Argyranthemum Grandaisy Pink Halo
Argyranthemum Grandaisy Deep Red
Argyranthemum Grandaisy White
Argyranthemum Jamaica Primrose
Argyranthemum Madiera Crested Pink
Argyranthemum Madeira Crested White
Argyranthemum Madeira Red
Argyranthemum Madeira White
Argyranthemum Madera Crested Yellow
Argyranthemum White Single
Begonia Dragon Wing Red
Begonia Funky Light Pink
Begonia Funky Mix
Begonia Funky Scarlet
Begonia Funky White
Begonia Illumination Apricot
Begonia Illumination Golden Picotee
Begonia Illumination Lemon
Begonia Megawatt Mix
Begonia Nonstop Mocca Light Pink
Begonia Nonstop Mocca Mix
Begonia Nonstop Mocca Scarlet
Begonia Nonstop Mocca Yellow
Begonia Nonstop Mix
Begonia Nonstop Pink Shades
Begonia On Top Pink Halo
Begonia On Top PinkSunglow
Begonia Starshine Red
Begonia Starshine White
Begonia Starshine Yellow
Begonia Whopper Mix
Cerinthe Pride of Gibraltar
Coleus  Henna
Coleus  Red Head
Gaura  Belleza Pink
  Belleza White
Gazania Daybreak Mixed
Heliotrope Scentropia Dark Blue
Isotoma Fizz’n Pop Dark Pink
Isotoma Fizz’n Pop Purple
Isotoma Starshine Blue
Gazania Daybreak Mixed
Ipomoea  Black Tone
Lantana Cherry Sunrise
Millet Purple Emperor
Nasturtium Alaska
Nasturtium Baby Rose
Nasturtium Empress of India
Nasturtium Jewel Mix
Osteospermum Flower Power Blue
Osteospermum Flower Power Purple
Osteospermum Flower Power 3D Violet Ice
Osteospermum Flower Power White
Osteospermum Serenity Pink
Osteospermum Serenity Rose Magic
Osteospermum Serenity White
Salvia  Amistad
Salvia  Dayglow
Salvia  Deep Ocean Blue
Salvia  Love and Wishes
Salvia  Mysty
Salvia  Rockin Blue Suede Shoes
Salvia  RockinFuchsia
Salvia  Sally Fun White
Salvia  San Carlos Festival
Salvia  Victoria Blue
Salvia  Wendy’s Wish
Scaevola Blue Print
Scaevola Surdina Fashion Pink
Sunflower Kong F1 (giant)
Sweet Pea Air Warden
Sweet Pea Blue Velvet
Sweet Pea Matucana
Sweet Pea Mrs.R. Bolton
Sweet Pea Noel Sutton
Sweet Pea White Ensign
Venidio Apricot
Venidio Flame
Venidio Red Devil
Venidio Wine

Annual Climbers in 10 cm pots caned

Cobaea scandens Purple
Cobaea scandens White
Dolicho Lab Lab Ruby Moon
Ipomoea Grandpa Ott
Ipomoea Heavenly Blue
Ipomoea Scarlet O’Hara
Mina lobata
Thunbergia African Sunset
Thunbergia Susie Mixed
Thunbergia Suzie White /black eye
Tropaeolum Canary Creeper

Fuchsia in 10 cm pots


H is Hardy T is Trailing
G is Giant Flowered U is Upright
Fuchsia Alice Hoffman U H
Fuchsia Annabelle T
Fuchsia Aunty Jinks T
Fuchsia Beacon Rosa U H
Fuchsia Bella Rosella T G
Fuchsia Dancing Flame T
Fuchsia Dark Eyes T
Fuchsia Delta’s Sarah U H
Fuchsia Dollar Princess U H
Fuchsia Garden News U H
Fuchsia Genii U H
Fuchsia Harry Grey T
Fuchsia Hawkshead U H 
Fuchsia Jollies La Grande Corse U G
Fuchsia Jollies La Grande Lorraine U G
Fuchsia Jollies Nantes U
Fuchsia Jollies Dijon  T
Fuchsia Jollies Florac T
Fuchsia Jollies Toulon T
Fuchsia Jollies Tulle T
Fuchsia Korrale U
Fuchsia La Campanella T
Fuchsia Marinka T
Fuchsia Pink Galore T
Fuchsia Southgate T
Fuchsia Swingtime T

Geraniums in 10 cm pots

Geranium Interspecific Caliope Dark Red
Geranium Interspecific Designer Purple
Geranium Interspecific Marcada Dark Red
Geranium Interspecific Moonlight Katy
Geranium Interspecific Moonlight Sailing
Geranium Interspecific Moonlight Vanessa
Geranium Interspecific Moonlight Vineta
Geranium Interspecific Moonlight Violina Evol
Geranium Interspecific Sunrise Goesta
Geranium Interspecific Sunrise Eroica
Geranium Interspecific Sunrise Smokey Eye White
Geranium Interspecific Survivor Bright Red
Geranium Interspecific Survivor Dark Red Improved
Geranium Interspecific SurvivorMega Pink Blush
Geranium Interspecific Survivor Pink Batik
Geranium Interspecific Survivor White

Fancy Leaf

Geranium Fancy Leaf Benbridge
Geranium Fancy Leaf Contrast
Geranium Fancy Leaf Crystal Palace Gem
Geranium Fancy Leaf Els
Geranium Fancy Leaf Disinction
Geranium Fancy Leaf Frank Headley
Geranium Fancy Leaf Happy Thought Red
Geranium Fancy Leaf Madame Salleron
Geranium Fancy Leaf Mont Blanc
Geranium Fancy Leaf Mrs. Pollock
Geranium Fancy Leaf Occold Shield
Geranium Fancy Leaf Princess Alexandra
Geranium Fancy Leaf Spitfire

Ivy Leaf

Geranium Ivy Leaf Crocodile
Geranium Ivy Leaf Evka
Geranium Ivy Leaf Frances Parmeter
Geranium Ivy Leaf G Balls of FBurgubdy Blaze
Geranium Ivy Leaf G Balls of Fire Dark Red
Geranium Ivy Leaf G Balls of Fire White
Geranium Ivy Leaf L’Elegante
Geranium Ivy Leaf Mini Cascade Lilac
Geranium Ivy Leaf Mini CascadeRed
Geranium Ivy Leaf Precision Rose Lilac
Geranium Ivy Leaf Rouletta
Geranium Ivy Leaf Royal Amethyst
Geranium Ivy Leaf Royal Blue
Geranium Ivy Leaf Royal Frosty Pink
Geranium Ivy Leaf Royal Light Pink
Geranium Ivy Leaf Royal Lilac Blue
Geranium Ivy Leaf Royal Scarlet
Geranium Ivy Leaf Supreme Lilac
Geranium Ivy Leaf Supreme Red
Geranium Ivy Leaf Sussex Lace

Scented Leaf

Geranium Scented Leaf Ardens
Geranium Scented Leaf Attar of Roses
Geranium Scented Leaf Charity
Geranium Scented Leaf Chocolate Peppermint
Geranium Scented Leaf Cola Bottles
Geranium Scented Leaf Concour Lace
Geranium Scented Leaf Copthorne
Geranium Scented Leaf Crispum
Geranium Scented Leaf Crispum Variegatum
Geranium Scented Leaf Ficifolius
Geranium Scented Leaf Fragrans
Geranium Scented Leaf Fragrans Variegata
Geranium Scented Leaf Fruticosa
Geranium Scented Leaf Graveolans
Geranium Scented Leaf Grey Lady Plymouth
Geranium Scented Leaf Lady Plymouth
Geranium Scented Leaf Lavender Lindy
Geranium Scented Leaf Lemon Fancy
Geranium Scented Leaf Mabel Grey
Geranium Scented Leaf Madame Nonin
Geranium Scented Leaf Paton’s Unique
Geranium Scented Leaf Prince of Orange
Geranium Scented Leaf Quercifolius
Geranium Scented Leaf Scarlet Pet
Geranium Scented Leaf Sidoides
Geranium Scented Leaf Sweet Mimosa

Taller Packs for Cut Flowers

Antirrhinum F1 Rocket Mixed
Bupleurum griffithi
Clary Monarch Mixed
Cornflower  Cabrilla Mixed
Larkspur Limelight Mixed
Molucella Bells of Ireland
Nigella Persian Jewels
Poppy Amazing Grey
Statice Sunburst Mixed
Zinnia  Benary Giants

Premium Pack Bedding

Chrysanthemum Early Bloom Mixed
  Spray Mixed
Geranium Zonal Horizon Appleblosom
  Ringo Cardinal
  Ringo  Mixed
  Ringo Rose
  Ringo Scarlet
  Ringo White
Geranium Ivy Tornado Mixed

Pack Bedding

Ageratum Champion Blue
Alyssum Snow Crystals
Antirrhinum Liberty Bronze
  Liberty Mixed
  Liberty Rose
  Liberty Scarlet
  Liberty White
  Liberty Yellow
Aster Roundabout Mixed
Begonia semp. Devil Pink
  Devil Mixed
  Heaven Mixed
  Heaven Red
  Heaven White
Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mixed
Centaurea Florence Blue
Cineraria Silver Dust
Cosmos Antiquity
  Apollo Mixed (dwarf)
  Razzmatazz Mixed (tall)
  Razzmatazz White (tall)
  Sonata Carmine
  Sonata Mixed
  Sonata Pink
  Sonata White
Didiscus Madonna Mixed
Impatiens Dezire Chelsea Mixed
  Dezire Deep Orange
  Dezire Lavender
  Dezire Mix
  Dezire Pink
  Dezire Red
  Dezire White
Marigold Bonanza Gold
  Bonanza Yellow
  Boy O Boy Mixed
  Pascal Yellow
Nemesia  Sundrops Mixed
Nicotiana Affinis
  Cuba Deep Lime
  Cuba Mixed
  Cuba Red
  Cuba White
  Lime Green
  Perfume Deep Purple
  Perfume Mixed
Pansy  Matrix Mixed
Petunia Double Duo Mixed
  Express Blue
  Express Blue Sky
  Express Burgundy
  Express Peppermint
  Express Pink
  Express White
  Express Yellow
  Picobella Blue
  Picobella Mixed
  Picobella Red
  Picobella White
Salvia Vanguard
Stock Ten Week Mixed
  Vintage Mixed
Sweet William Roundabout Mixed
Tagetes Gem Mixed
Verbena QuartzBlue
  Quartz Mixed
  Quartz Pink
  Quartz Red
  Quartz White
Viola Sorbet Mix
  Sorbet Morpho
  Sorbet Pink Wing
  Sorbet True Blue
  Sorbet Yellow
  Sorbet YTT
Zinnia Zahara Double Mix

Whetman Pinks

Whetman Pinks logo

  • Award of Garden Merit from RHS is shown by “AGM”
  • Apart from our Garden Pinks, many of our other varieties are sold out by May so do visit early!


Red Dwarf AGM
Fire Star AGM
Mendlesham Minx  
Morning Star  
Neon Star  
Pixie Star AGM
Pop Star  
Shooting Star  
Starry Eyes AGM
Warden Hybrid  
Whatfield Can Can AGM
Whatfield Gem  

Whetman Alpine “Early Bloomers”

Candy Floss AGM

Garden Pinks

Cranmere Pool AGM
Devon Cream  
Devon Wizard AGM
Doris AGM
Gran’s Favourite AGM
Letitia Wyatt AGM
Lily the Pink  
Moulin Rouge AGM
Waterloo Sunset  
Widecombe Fair AGM

Pot Patio “Scent First” Variety

Coconut Sundae
Iced Gem
Raspberry Sundae
Sugar Plum
Tequila Sunrise
Tickled Pink