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spring flowers from Downside

Pot and Pack Bedding Plants

Colourful Bedding Plants from Wiltshire's Downside Nurseries

Tender patio and bedding plants add warmth and colour to your summer garden. We grow on site a wide variety – something for every situation, sun and shade, e.g. fuchsias, geraniums, trailing petunias and many more!

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Most of our seed raised bedding plants are offered in single colour packs as well as mixed to help you get your colour scheme just right. If you’re planning a large scheme, please remember that orders for cutting material need to be booked in September and seed-raised material by January at the very latest.

Bedding varieties change seasonally –please visit us to view all.  The list below represents some of our current selection, but please remember this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in stock on the day you visit!  Conversely, there will be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Sweet pea seed has been difficult to obtain this year. The fresh seed only arrived at the beginning of February and only a limited number of single colours, White Ensign. Noel Sutton (blue) and Air Watden (red). We have a good quantity of Galaxy Mixed and the highly scented heritage variety Matucana. We did manage to sow a little of last year’s seed we had in hand in January but the main crop will not start to be available till mid March.

Impatiens New Guinea – 1.5L pots available in a variety of colours from mid May.

Location: Fuchsias, tuberous Begonias and Geraniums will be in the greenhouse by the car park. Other bedding and hanging baskets will be in the main glasshouse and on the standing out ground

Downside Nurseries Bedding Plants List as at March 2022
Please remember that the list below is correct as at March 2022, but not all of these plants may be available on the day of your visit

If you’d like to download this page, please click here

Patio Plants in 9cm Pots

AngelloniaSerena Mixed
BacopaMega Copa Blue
BacopaMega Copa Pink
BacopaMega Copa White
BacopaBallerina White (double)
Bidens El Dorado Early Yellow
Bidens Spicy Ice
Bidens Spicy Margarita
BrachyscomeRoyal Blue
Covolvulus sabatius
Cuphea Tornado
DiasciaGenta Pink
DiasciaGenta Papaya
DiasciaGenta White
EuphorbiaSilverfog White Improved
Feliciaamelloides Blue  
Helichrysummicrophyllum Silver Mist
Helichrysumpetiolatum Gold
Helichrysumpetiolatum Silver
Helichrysumpetiolatum Variegated
Indian Mintsatureja douglasii
LobeliaWaterfall Blue
LobeliaWaterfall White
Lysimachianummularia Aurea
Mini Petunia SingleAloha  Goldrush
(Calibrachoa) Aloha Hot Orange
Mini Petunia SingleAloha Hot Pink
Mini Petunia SingleAloha Kona Cherry Red
Mini Petunia SingleAloha Kona Midnight Blue
Mini Petunia SingleAloha Kona White
Mini Petunia SingleAloha Hot Orange
Mini Petunia SingleAloha Hot Pink
Mini Petunia SingleBloomtastic Rose Quartz
Mini Petunia SingleCabaret Bright Red
Mini Petunia SingleCabaret Goodnight Kiss
Mini Petunia SingleCan Can Black Cherry
Mini Petunia SingleCan Can Blueberry Punch
Mini Petunia DoubleAloha Double Orange
Mini Petunia DoubleCan Can D  LavTastic
Mini Petunia DoubleCan Can Double Pink
Mini Petunia DoubleCan Can D Provence Blue
Mini Petunia DoubleMini Famous Orangetastic
Mini Petunia DoubleMini Famous Yellow (d)
Mini Petunia DoubleUno Double Pink
Mini Petunia DoubleUno Double Red
Mini Petunia DoubleUno Double White
NemesiaSunpeddle Painted Rose
NemesiaSunpeddle Blue Rose
NemesiaSunpeddle Painted Rose
NemesiaSunpeddle White
Nepeta Variegata
Petunia SingleAlpetunia Blueberry
Petunia SingleFamous Lightning Sky
Petunia SingleFamous Night Sky
Petunia SingleSurfinia Amethyst
Petunia SingleSurfinia Blue
Petunia SingleSurfinia Blue Vein
Petunia SingleSurfinia Deep Red
Petunia SingleSurfinia Hot Pink
Petunia SingleSurfinia Sky Blue
Petunia SingleSurfinia Sweet Pink
Petunia SingleSurfinia Snow White
Petunia SingleSweetunia Black Satin
Petunia SingleSweetunia Suzie Storm
Petunia DoubleTumbelina Anna
Petunia DoubleTumbelina Diana 
Petunia DoubleTumbelina Priscilla
Petunia DoubleTumbelina Sophie 
Petunia DoubleTumbelina Susanna 
Sanvitalia Sunlight
VerbenaBe Bop  Pink
VerbenaBe Bop Lavender
VerbenaEmpress Flair Lavender
VerbenaEmpress Flair Red
VerbenaEnchantment Lavender
VerbenaLanai Blue Denim
VerbenaLanai Lime Green
VerbenaEmpress Flair Pink Charme
VerbenaLanai Peach
VerbenaLanai Raspberry
VerbenaLascar Magenta
VerbenaLascar White
VerbenaShowboat Lavender
VerbenaShowboat Light Pink
VerbenaShowboat Magenta
VerbenaShowboat Pink
VerbenaShowboat Red
VerbenaShowboat White
VerbenaSparkle Dark Pink
VerbenaSparkle Dark Violet

Patio Plants in 10cm Pots

ArgyranthemumChelsea Girl
ArgyranthemumCornish Gold
ArgyranthemumChelsea Girl
ArgyranthemumGrandaisy Pink Halo
ArgyranthemumGrandaisy Deep Red
ArgyranthemumGrandaisy White
ArgyranthemumJamaica Primrose
ArgyranthemumMadiera Crested Pink
ArgyranthemumMadeira Crested White
ArgyranthemumMadeira Red
ArgyranthemumMadeira White
ArgyranthemumMadera Crested Yellow
ArgyranthemumWhite Single
BegoniaDragon Wing Red
BegoniaFunky Light Pink
BegoniaFunky Mix
BegoniaFunky Scarlet
BegoniaFunky White
BegoniaIllumination Apricot
BegoniaIllumination Golden Picotee
BegoniaIllumination Lemon
BegoniaMegawatt Mix
BegoniaNonstop Mocca Light Pink
BegoniaNonstop Mocca Mix
BegoniaNonstop Mocca Scarlet
BegoniaNonstop Mocca Yellow
BegoniaNonstop Mix
BegoniaNonstop Pink Shades
BegoniaOn Top Pink Halo
BegoniaOn Top PinkSunglow
BegoniaStarshine Red
BegoniaStarshine White
BegoniaStarshine Yellow
BegoniaWhopper Mix
CerinthePride of Gibraltar
Coleus Henna
Coleus Red Head
Gaura Belleza Pink
Gaura Belleza White
GazaniaDaybreak Mixed
HeliotropeScentropia Dark Blue
IsotomaFizz’n Pop Dark Pink
IsotomaFizz’n Pop Purple
IsotomaStarshine Blue
GazaniaDaybreak Mixed
Ipomoea Black Tone
LantanaCherry Sunrise
MilletPurple Emperor
NasturtiumBaby Rose
NasturtiumEmpress of India
NasturtiumJewel Mix
OsteospermumFlower Power Blue
OsteospermumFlower Power Purple
OsteospermumFlower Power 3D Violet Ice
OsteospermumFlower Power White
OsteospermumSerenity Pink
OsteospermumSerenity Rose Magic
OsteospermumSerenity White
Salvia Amistad
Salvia Dayglow
Salvia Deep Ocean Blue
Salvia Love and Wishes
Salvia Mysty
Salvia Rockin Blue Suede Shoes
Salvia RockinFuchsia
Salvia Sally Fun White
Salvia San Carlos Festival
Salvia Victoria Blue
Salvia Wendy’s Wish
ScaevolaBlue Print
ScaevolaSurdina Fashion Pink
SunflowerKong F1 (giant)
Sweet PeaAir Warden
Sweet PeaBlue Velvet
Sweet PeaMatucana
Sweet PeaMrs.R. Bolton
Sweet PeaNoel Sutton
Sweet PeaWhite Ensign
VenidioRed Devil

Annual Climbers in 10 cm pots caned

Cobaeascandens Purple
Cobaeascandens White
Dolicho Lab LabRuby Moon
IpomoeaGrandpa Ott
IpomoeaHeavenly Blue
IpomoeaScarlet O’Hara
ThunbergiaAfrican Sunset
ThunbergiaSusie Mixed
ThunbergiaSuzie White /black eye
TropaeolumCanary Creeper

Fuchsia in 10 cm pots


H is HardyT is Trailing
G is Giant FloweredU is Upright
FuchsiaAnnabelle T
FuchsiaAunty Jinks T
FuchsiaBeacon Rosa U H
FuchsiaBella Rosella T G
FuchsiaDancing Flame T
FuchsiaDark Eyes T
FuchsiaDeep Purple U G
FuchsiaDelta’s Sarah U H
FuchsiaDollar Princess U H
FuchsiaGarden News U H
FuchsiaGenii U H
FuchsiaHarry Grey T
FuchsiaHawkshead U H 
Fuchsia JolliesLa Grande Corse U G
Fuchsia JolliesLa Grande Lorraine U G
Fuchsia JolliesNantes U
Fuchsia JolliesDijon  T
Fuchsia JolliesFlorac T
Fuchsia JolliesToulon T
Fuchsia JolliesTulle T
FuchsiaKorrale U
FuchsiaLa Campanella T
FuchsiaMarinka T
FuchsiaPink Galore T
FuchsiaSouthgate T
FuchsiaSwingtime T
FuchsiaWinston Churchill U

Geraniums in 10 cm pots

GeraniumCaliope Dark Red
GeraniumDesigner Purple
GeraniumMarcada Dark Red
GeraniumMoonlight Katy
GeraniumMoonlight Sailing
GeraniumMoonlight Vanessa
GeraniumMoonlight Vineta
GeraniumMoonlight Violina Evol
GeraniumSunrise Goesta
GeraniumSunrise Eroica
GeraniumSunrise Smokey Eye White
GeraniumSurvivor Bright Red
GeraniumSurvivor Dark Red Improved
GeraniumSurvivorMega Pink Blush
GeraniumSurvivor Pink Batik
GeraniumSurvivor White

Fancy Leaf

GeraniumCrystal Palace Gem
GeraniumFrank Headley
GeraniumHappy Thought Red
GeraniumMadame Salleron
GeraniumMont Blanc
GeraniumMrs. Pollock
GeraniumOccold Shield
GeraniumPrincess Alexandra

Ivy Leaf

GeraniumFrances Parmeter
GeraniumG Balls of FBurgubdy Blaze
GeraniumG Balls of Fire Dark Red
GeraniumG Balls of Fire White
GeraniumMini Cascade Lilac
GeraniumMini CascadeRed
GeraniumPrecision Rose Lilac
GeraniumRoyal Amethyst
GeraniumRoyal Blue
GeraniumRoyal Frosty Pink
GeraniumRoyal Light Pink
GeraniumRoyal Lilac Blue
GeraniumRoyal Scarlet
GeraniumSupreme Lilac
GeraniumSupreme Red
GeraniumSussex Lace

Scented Leaf

GeraniumAttar of Roses
GeraniumChocolate Peppermint
GeraniumCola Bottles
GeraniumConcour Lace
GeraniumCrispum Variegatum
GeraniumFragrans Variegata
GeraniumGrey Lady Plymouth
GeraniumLady Plymouth
GeraniumLavender Lindy
GeraniumLemon Fancy
GeraniumMabel Grey
GeraniumMadame Nonin
GeraniumPaton’s Unique
GeraniumPrince of Orange
GeraniumScarlet Pet
GeraniumSweet Mimosa

Taller Packs for Cut Flowers

Antirrhinum F1Rocket Mixed
AsterGala Mixed
ClaryMonarch Mixed
Cornflower Special  Mixed
Daucus carotaDara
LarkspurLimelight Mixed
MolucellaBells of Ireland
NigellaPersian Jewels
Poppy RhoeasAmazing Grey
StaticeSunburst Mixed
Zinnia Benary Giants

Premium Pack Bedding

ChrysanthemumEarly Bloom Mixed
ChrysanthemumSpray Mixed
Geranium ZonalHorizon Appleblosom
Geranium ZonalRingo Cardinal
Geranium ZonalRingo  Mixed
Geranium ZonalRingo Rose
Geranium ZonalRingo Scarlet
Geranium ZonalRingo White
Geranium IvyTornado Mixed

Pack Bedding

AgeratumChampion Blue
AlyssumSnow Crystals
AntirrhinumLiberty Bronze
AntirrhinumLiberty Mixed
AntirrhinumLiberty Rose
AntirrhinumLiberty Scarlet
AntirrhinumLiberty White
AntirrhinumLiberty Yellow
AsterRoundabout Mixed
Begonia semp.Devil Pink
Begonia semp.Devil Mixed
Begonia semp.Heaven Mixed
Begonia semp.Heaven Red
Begonia semp.Heaven White
CalendulaFiesta Gitana Mixed
CentaureaFlorence Blue
CinerariaSilver Dust
CosmosApollo Mixed (dwarf)
CosmosRazzmatazz Mixed (tall)
CosmosRazzmatazz White (tall)
CosmosSonata Carmine
CosmosSonata Mixed
CosmosSonata Pink
CosmosSonata White
DidiscusMadonna Mixed
ImpatiensDezire Chelsea Mixed
ImpatiensDezire Deep Orange
ImpatiensDezire Lavender
ImpatiensDezire Mix
ImpatiensDezire Pink
ImpatiensDezire Red
ImpatiensDezire White
MarigoldBonanza Gold
MarigoldBonanza Yellow
MarigoldBoy O Boy Mixed
MarigoldPascal Yellow
Nemesia Sundrops Mixed
NicotianaCuba Deep Lime
NicotianaCuba Mixed
NicotianaCuba Red
NicotianaCuba White
NicotianaLime Green
NicotianaPerfume Deep Purple
NicotianaPerfume Mixed
Pansy Matrix Mixed
PetuniaDouble Duo Mixed
PetuniaExpress Blue
PetuniaExpress Blue Sky
PetuniaExpress Burgundy
PetuniaExpress Peppermint
PetuniaExpress Pink
PetuniaExpress White
PetuniaExpress Yellow
PetuniaPicobella Blue
PetuniaPicobella Mixed
PetuniaPicobella Red
PetuniaPicobella White
StockTen Week Mixed
StockVintage Mixed
Sweet WilliamRoundabout Mixed
TagetesGem Mixed
VerbenaQuartz Mixed
VerbenaQuartz Pink
VerbenaQuartz Red/Eye
VerbenaQuartz Warerfall Mix
ViolaSorbet Mix
ViolaSorbet Morpho
ViolaSorbet Pink Wing
ViolaSorbet True Blue
ViolaSorbet Yellow
ViolaSorbet YTT
ZinniaZahara Double Mix

Whetman Pinks

Whetman Pinks logo
  • Apart from our Garden Pinks, many of our other varieties are sold out by May so do visit early!


Alpine Pinks
Arctic Star
Aztec Star
Berry Blush
Cherry Burst
Fire Star
Mendlesham Minx
Neon Star
Pop Star
Shooting Star
Silver Star
Starry Eyes
Warden Hybrid
Whatfield Can Can
Whatfield Gem

Whatfield Cocktails

Cherry Daiquiri
Tequila Sunrise

Scent First

Candy Floss
Coconut Sunrise
Coral Reef
Iced Gem
Raspberry Sundae
Sugar Plum
Tickled Pink

Garden Pinks

Cranmere Pool
Devon Cream
Devon Wizard
Lily the Pink
Moulin Rouge

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