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spring flowers from Downside


Wide range of Standard & Patio Roses from Wiltshire's Downside Nurseries

Welcome to our Roses list. Our wide range includes climbers, ramblers, floribunda, hybrid tea, patio, shrub and standards and we have a particularly good selection of repeat-flowering scented shrub roses. 

Our stock includes a good selection of Bentley West and Paul Chessum.  Unfortunately,  David Austen has withdrawn all of their roses from general sale and are only propagating and distributing them themselves.  This means we shall be missing a few old stalwarts in the shrub section, but there are thousands of roses out there to choose from and we are working hard to make sure we have a good selection for you.

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We buy all our roses bare root in November and put them in large pots in our special rich compost mix so we know they will get off to a good start.  To see the list of roses that we have in stock at the beginning of the season, please see the list below; this does not, however, guarantee availability. If you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Gorgeous Hybrid Tea Rose Flower in yellow/orange

Generally,  we keep in stock roses which make the perfect gift for silver, golden, ruby anniversary gifts or any special occasion. See our list here.
The guide to colours, size, scents etc is approximate.

Location: Our rose bushes may be found on the standing-out ground to your left as you approach the main glasshouse.

Downside Nurseries Rose List
Please remember that the list below, effective April 2022,but not all of these plants may be available on the day of your visit

If you’d like to download this page, please click here

Key to “Notes” Column

C ContinuousR repeat flowering
H Suitable for hedgingS summer flowering
NW grows on north wallSh tolerates shade
P tolerates poor soilT suitable to grow into a tree
Those in the mauve font are ideal for occasions 

Climbers And Ramblers

Climbing roses form a frame and you prune back to the frame each year;
Ramblers scramble over a fence or pergola and you prune by taking out whole old stems, leaving the new growth to take over.

Variety NameColourHeightScentNotes
Albertine      RamblerPale pink4.5mStrong 
CompassionPink shaded apricot2.4mStrongR
Crimson CascadeDark velvet red3.0mGoodR
Danse du FeuRed3.7mLightR NW
Dizzy HeightsGlowing scarlet3.0mGoodR
Emily Grey      RamblerSoft yellow5.5mGoodR
Excelsa           RamblerMagenta4.5mSlightR
Felicite et Perpetue RamblerCreamy pink6.0mDelicateNW P S T
Francoise Juranville RamblerCoral pink6.0mDelicateNW P R
Golden ShowersYellow, relatively thornless2.4mGoodNW P R
HandelCreamy white-edged crimson3.0mslightyR
IcebergWhite, relatively thornless3.0mSlightNW P R
Kathleen HarropSoft pink2.5mStrongNW P R
Madame Alfred CarrièreWhite6.0mGoodR
Madame Gregoire StachelinClear pink6.0mMediumR
MaigoldBronze yellow3.6mGoodR
Penny LaneChampagne blush4.0mGoodR
Pink PerpetueRose pink3.0mSlightR
Scent from Heaven  (Rose of the Year 2017)Orange Salmon3.0mFruityR
Shot SilkCherry pink, gold centre4.5mGoodR
Starlight Symphony  (Rose of the Year 2019)White2.5mSlightR
The Princes TrustCrimson2.5mGoodR
White StarPaperwhite2.1mGoodR
Zeppherine DrouhinCarmine pink, r. thornless4.0mVeryNW P R

Floribunda Roses Flower all Season

Variety NameColourHeightScent
Absolutely FabulousButter yellow75cmStrong
Arthur BellBright yellow100cm.strong
Belle du Jour  (Rose of the Year 2021)Yellow/apricot90cmStrong
Burgandy IceDark plum90cmSlight
Celebration TimeDusky Red75cmSlight
Compassionate FriendSatin Pink60cmSpicy
For Your Eyes Only (Rose of the Year 2015)Apricot/pink/orange eye80cmSlight
Golden WeddingGolden yellow90cmGood
Happy AnniversaryDeep pink80cmGood
Harry EdlandLilac pink90cmStrong
Hot ChocolateVelvet smokey brown90cmGood
Irish EyesOrange/yellow75cmMedium
Jam and JerusalemOrange/yellow/pink89cmLight
Lady Marmalade ( Rose of the Year 2014)Bright tangerine90cmGood
Lilac WinePale lilac pink100cm.Good
Love Struck AGM (Rose of  theYear 2018)Cherry red95cmSlight
Many Happy ReturnsPastel pink75cmGood
Margaret MerrilWhite90cmGood
Moment in Time (Rose of the Year 2012)Ruby red60cmStrong
Perfect PetApricot80cmGood
Rhapsody in Blue (Rose of the Year 2003)Purple fading to blue120cmStrong
ScentimentalCream striped red and pink90cmStrong
Super TrouperBright orange90cmSlight
Trumpeter AGMScarlet red69cmSlight
You’re BeautifulBright pink85cmLight

Ground Cover Roses Flower all Season

Variety NameColourHeightScent
KentPure white60x90cmSlight
OxfordshireSoft pink60x90cmSlight

Hedging Roses

Variety NameColourHeightScentNotes
Rosa rubiginosa ( R eglanteria)Pink, decorative hips  H P R
Rosa rugosa AlbaWhite, decorative hips  H P R
Rosa spinoissima   (R pimpinellifolia)White, decorative hips  H P R

Hybrid Tea Roses Flower all Season

Nostalgic Roses are continuous flowering roses. At 1m they are larger than most Hybrid Teas and could easily be classed as small shrub roses, but the breeder considers them Hybrid Teas. They are strongly scented. Only recently available, they are proving very popular.
Variety NameColourHeightScentNotes
A Whiter Shade of PaleVery pale pink90cmStrong 
Chicago PeaceYellow flamed apricot/pink70cmSlight 
Global BeautyYellow100cmStrongNostalgic
Kings RansomRich yellow90cmGood 
Lovely LadyRose pink60cm.Good 
Loving MemoryVelvet red80cmDelicate 
Moody BlueMauve blue100cmStrong 
NostalgiaWhite/cherry red100cmGoodNostalgic
PeaceYellow flushed pink100cmSlight 
Pink MartiniMedium pink100cmStrongNostalgic
RachelSoft apricot100cmGoodNostalgic
ScentimentalCream/red stripes75cmStrong 
Silver AnniversaryPure white90cmGood 
Simply the BestWhite75cmGood 
Soeur EmanuellePink90cmStrong 
Special AnniversaryMagenta pink90cmStrong 
Thinking of YouCrimson90cmGood 
Twice in a Blue MoonSilvery lilac90cmGood 
Warm WishesPeachy coral90cmGood 
Whisky MacBronze/orange75cmGood 
WildberryBerry with a pink centre90cmGood 

Shrub Roses

The term shrub rose covers quite a wide variety of types. Some of the heritage varieties flower only once in the summer but are still worth growing for their beauty and fragrance.
Modern shrub roses are modern hybrids that repeat flower
Moss roses have mossy growth on their stems and calyces and double or semi-double flowers in clusters.
Portland compact  are repeat-flowering  roses with double or semi-double flowers
Rosa mundi syn Rosa gallicia Versicolour with crimson-striped white flowers
Rosa rubrifolia syn Rosa glauca -Grey foliage red hips  and
Rosa Rugosa are sturdy roses that flower repeatedly and are suitable for hedging. They have large ornamental hips.
Variety NameColourHeightScentNotes
Comte de ChambordWarm pink1.2×1.0mGood 
FeliciaSilvery pink1.5 x 1.5mStrong 
Jacqueline du Pre  (Modern shrub)Blush white1.3×1.0mMuskH P R 
Jacques Cartier AGM  (Portland)Pink1.2x 0.9mStrongR
Madame Hardy AGMWhite1.5×1.2mStrongNW
MoonlightCreamy white clusters1.5 x 1.5mStrongR
Patricia KentCreamy yellow1.3 x 0.9mStrongR
Pretty JessicaWarm pink0.9 x 0.6mStrongR
Rosa Mundi  (Rosa Gallica Versicolor)Crimson striped white1.2×1.0mMediumSh P
Roseraie de l’HayCrimson purple2.1 x 2.1StrongR
Rosa rugosaBrught pink1.2 x 1.2mGoodH P R
Rosa rugosa AlbaWhite1.2 x 1.2mGoodH P R
Rose de ReschtFuchsia red/purple1.0x 0.6mStrong 
Souvenir du Dr JaminPlum red1.5×1.2mRichSh P R
The FairyClusters of double pink flowers.0.8x 0.9mAppleR
Westerland (Modern shrub)Apricot blend1.8×1.2mStrongR
WesterlandApricot Orange1.2×0.9mStrongP Sh

Standard Roses Flower all Season

Variety NameColourHeightScent
Many Happy ReturnsBlush pink75cmSlight
Margaret MerrilPure white75cmStrong
Pretty PollyBright pink50cmSlight
Special FriendLight pink50cmGood
Top MarksVibrant vermillion50cmSlight
Yellow PatioClear yellow50cmslight

Terrace, Patio and Miniature Roses Flower all Season

Variety NameColourHeightScentNotes
FestivalScarlet-Silver reverse55cmSlight 
Flower PowerPeach-salmon45cmSpicy 
Gentle TouchPale pink40cmSlight 
GlorianaMauve pink200cmLightClimber
Good as GoldGolden yellow160cmGoodClimber
Greenall’s GlorySilver-white/pale pink45cmGood 
Laura FordYellow flushed pink210cmMediumClimber
Love KnotDeep red200cmSlightClimber
Nice DaySalmon pink210cmMediumClimber
Orange SunblazeOrange-red45cmSlight 
Pearl AnniversaryPearl pink40cmSlight 
Red RascalBlood red45cmSlight 
Ruby AnniversaryBright red55cmDelicate 
SunhitDeep yellow60cmSlight 
SunseekerScarlet, yellow centre55cmSlight 
Sweet DreamPeach/apricot45cmGood 
Sweet MagicOrange and gold45cmGood 
WildfireFlame orange50cmGood 
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