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Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees | Magnolia Susan at Downside Nurseries

We offer a great selection of ornamental trees in terms of variety and size. And for great Autumn planting, why not pre-order your favourites for bare rooted planting in November? We have container-grown all year round.

Tree Sizes approximately are:

  • Small  – up to 4m (13 ft)
  • Medium – up to 6m (20ft)
  • Large is over 6m (20ft)

Our nursery is very much geared up to personal shopping and unfortunately, we are not able to send plants and trees out to customers. 

Tree Candelarbra trained Apples Granny Smith and Jonagold and Pears Williams Bon Credien 766

Top Worked (TW) signifies it is a plant grafted on to stronger rootstock. This may be to give a stronger stem or sometimes an ornamental stem.

Location: Trees are around the yard and outside in the growing beds beyond the polytunnels.

Downside Nurseries Ornamental Tree List as at March 2022
Please remember that the list below is correct as at March 2022, but not all of these plants may be available on the day of your visit

If you’d like to download this page, please click here

GenusSpeciesVarietyPot Size
Acercampestre60-80 cmB/R
AcercampestreM                                                            .5L
AcercampestreM                                                            .7LD
AcercampestreM                                                            .7LD
AcercampestreM                                                            .15L
AcerdavidiiS                                Serpentine7L
AcerdavidiiS                                Serpentine12L
AcerdavidiiS                                Viper ‘mindavi7L
AcergriseumS                                                            .12L
AcernegundoM                               Flamingo20L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Atropurpurea5L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Bihoo7.5L
Acerpalmatum diss.S                                Bloodgood10L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Garnet5L
Acerpalmatum diss.V                                SInaba -Shidare10L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Kotohime7.5L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Orange Dream5L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Orange Dream5L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Red Wine90L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Sango-kaku5L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Sango-kaku7.5L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Seiryu10L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Shaina89L
Acerpalmatum diss.VS                              Skeeter’s Broom10L
AcerplatinoidesM                               Crimson King12L
AcerplatinoidesM                               Drummondii12L
AcerplatinoidesM                               Princeton Gold12L
AcerpseudoplatinusTW 120cm               Prince Handjery12L
Acerpseudosiebold.S                                Ice Dragon10L
Acerpseudosiebold.S                                Northwind10L
AcerrubrumL                                Brandywine12L
AcerrubrumM                              October Glory12L
AcerrubrumM                               Red Sunset12L
AcerrubrumM                               Scanion12L
AcerrubrumM                               Sun Valley12L
AcershirasawanumS                                 Aureum5L
AcershirasawanumS                                 Aureum5L
Acerx conspicuumS                                 Red Flamingo12L
Acerx conspicuumS                                 Silver Vein20L
Acerx conspicuumS                                Silver Vein20L
Acerx freemaniiM                               Autumn Blaze12l
Acerx freemaniiM                               Morgan12L
AlbiziajulibrissinS                                 Evy’sPride12L
AlbiziajulibrissinS                                 Ombrella3L
AlbiziajulibrissinS                                Rouge Selection3L
Alnus Common Alder hedgingB/R
AmelanchiercanadensisGlenform Rainbow Pillar12L
AmelanchierlaevisS                                 Snow Flakes7L
AmelanchierlaevisS                                 Snow Flakes12L
AmelanchierlamarckiiS                                                         .   7.5L
AmelanchierlamarckiiS                                                         .   12L
Amelanchierx grandifloraS                                  Ballerina7.5L
Amelanchierx grandifloraS                                  Ballerina12L
BetulaalbaPendla, Native Silver Birch Multistem20L
BetulaalbosinensisM                                Fascination12L
BetulaapoiensisVS 10ft                       Mount Apoi12L
BetulaermaniiM                                Grayswood Hill10L
BetulahybridM                                Fetsowii12L
BetulalentaL                                  Sweet Birch12L
BetulapendulaBirch WhipsB/R
BetulapendulaM                                Dalecarlica12L
BetulapendulaM                                Fastigiata Jones12L
BetulapendulaM                                Royal Frost12L
BetulapendulaM                                Tristis12L
BetulapendulaM                                Youngii12L
BetulautilisM                                Edinburgh12L
BetulautilisM                                Forest Blush12L
BetulautilisM                                 Grayswood Ghost12L
Betulautilis M                              Jacq. Silver Shadow15L
BetulautilisM                               Snow Queen12L
BetulautilisM                      Snow Queen (multistem)12L
BetulautilisS                                  Moonbeam12L
BetulautilisM                           (Triple) Jacquemontii70L
BetulautilisM                           (Triple) Jacquemontii70L
CarpinusbetulusHornbeam whipsB/R
CarpinusbetulusL                                    Hornbeam7.5L
CarpinusbetulusL                                    Hornbeam7.5L
CarpinusbetulusL                                    Hornbeam10L
CarpinusbetulusL                                    Hornbeam12L
CarpinusbetulusL                                    Hornbeam12L
CarpinusbetulusL                                    Hornbeam12L
CarpinusbetulusL                                    Hornbeam20L
CarpinusbetulusL           Pleached Hornbeam180L
CarpinusbetulusM                                 Rockhampton Red12L
CercidiphyllumjaponicumS                                                       .     7.5L
CercidiphyllumjaponicumS                                                       .     12L
CerciscanadensisS                                  Forest Pansy12L
CerciscanadensisS                                  Pink Pom Pom12L
CerciscanadensisS                                  Ruby Falls12L
CerciscanadensisS                                  Vanilla Twist12L
CercischinensisS                                  Avondale12L
CercisreniformisS                                  Texas White12L
Clereodendrontrichotomum 12L
CornuskousaS                                   Milky Way12L
CornuskousaS                                   Teutonia12L
CornusmasS                                   Kasaniak12L
CotoneastersalicifoliusS                                   Exburiensis12L
CrataegusarnoldianaS                                                             .12L
CrataeguslaevigataS                                   Crimsom Cloud12L
CrataeguslaevigataS                            Mutabilis  Ravenholdt15L
CrataeguslaevigataS                                  Paul’s Scarlet12L
CrataeguslaevigataS                                  Paul’s Scarlet15L
CrataeguslaevigataS                                  Rosea Flore Plena12L
CrataeguslaevigataS                                  Plena15L
Crataeguspinnatifida majorS                                  Big Golden Star12L
Crataegusx laevigataS                                  Carrierei12L
ElaeagnusangustifoliaS                                  Quicksilver12L
EriobotryajaponicaM                                Copper Tone11.5L
Eriobotryajaponica90/100cm stem        Loquat18L
EucalyptusgunniiL                                                             .3L
EucalyptusgunniiM                                 Silverana20L
EuonymushamiltoneanusS                                   Indian Summer12L
EuonymushamiltoneanusS                                   Koi Boy12L
Euonymusphellomanus 12L
FagussylvaticaGreen Beech whips 60/80 cmB/R
FagussylvaticaL                                    Green Beech12L
FagussylvaticaM                                 Dawyck Gold12L
FagussylvaticaM                                 Dawyck Purple12L
FagussylvaticaL                                   Purple Fountain12L
FagussylvaticaM                                 Pendula12L
FagussylvaticaL                                   Purpurea 3L
FagussylvaticaL                                   Purpurea 30L
FagussylvaticaM                               Purpurea Tricolour12L
FagussylvaticaL                                    Riversii12L
Gingkobiloba 7LD
GingkobilobaS                                    Blagon3L
GingkobilobaS                                    Blagon7LD
GingkobilobaM                                  Menhir7LD
KoelreuteriapaniculataS                                    Coral Sun10L
KoelreuteriapaniculataS                                    Coral Sun10L
LaburnumanagyroidesS                                    Yellow Rocket12L
LaburnumwatereriS                                    Vossii12L
LiquidamberstyracifluaM                                                            .7L
LiquidamberstyracifluaM                                                            .12L
LiquidamberstyracifluaM                                   Palo Alto12L
LiquidamberstyracifluaM                                  Slender Silhouette12L
LiquidamberstyracifluaS                                     Stared12L
LiquidamberstyracifluaM                                   Worpelston12L
LiquidamberstyracifluaM                                   Worpelston25L
LiriodendrontulipiferaL                                     Snow Bird7L
LiriodendrontulipiferaL                                     Snow Bird12L
M27 MalussylvestrisCrab Apple 60-80 cmB/R
M27 MalusxrobustaPatio                               Red Sentinel 11.5L
M27 Malus Patio                               Evereste11.5L
M27 Malus Patio                               Pink Glow 11.5L
MaluscoronariaS                                       Elk River12L
MalushuphensisS                                                             .12L
MalushuphensisM                                      Cardinal15L
MalusmoerlandsiiM                               Profusion Improved12L
MalustoringoS                                         Scarlett15L
Malus Patio                                 Butterball11,5L
Malus S                                        Butterball12L
Malus S                                        Candymint12L
Malus Patio TW                         Cinderella11.5L
Malus PatioTW                          Coralburst 11.5L
Malus S                                        Gorgeous12L
Malus S                                         Indian Magic12L
Malus S                                         Jelly King7L
Malus S                                         Jelly King12L
Malus S                                         John Downie15L
Malus S                                         Laura7L
Malus S                                         Prairie Fire12L
Malus S                                         Royalty15L
Malus S                                    Wedding Bouquet12L
Malus S                                 Scarlet Brandywine12L
Metasequoiaglyptostroboides(Dawn Redwood)7LD
MetasequoiaglyptostroboidesGold Rush12L
Parrotiapersica 12L
Parrotiapersica 15L
PaulowniatomentosaM                                                           .12L
PrunusaviumM                                      Wild CherryB/R
PrunusaviumM                                      Wild Cherry12L
PrunusaviumM                                       Plena12L
PrunuscerasiferaS                                        Crimson Pointe12L
PrunusincisaTW 45cm                         Kojo-no-mai11.5L
PrunusincisaTW 90 cm                        Pendula11.5L
PrunusincisaTW 90 cm                        Pendula11.5L
PrunusmumeTW 45cm                         Beni -chidore11.5L
PrunuspadusS                                        Pandora15L
PrunuspadusS                                        Pandora12L
PrunuspendulaS                                        Pendula Rubra12L
PrunusserrulataKiku- shidare- zakura syn. Cheal’s Weeping 
PrunusserrulataS                                      Cheal’s Weeping7L
PrunussubhirtillaS                                      Autumnalis12L
PrunussubhirtillaS                                    Autumnalis Rosea12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                       Accolade12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                       Amanogawa7L
Prunusx hybridaS                                       Amanogawa12L
Prunusx hybridaTW  45cm                       Asano 11.5L
Prunusx hybridaS                                       Asano12L
Prunusx hybridaM                                    Beni-yutaka12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                      Blushing Bride12L
Prunusx hybridaM                                    Chocolate Ice12L
Prunusx hybridaM                                    Fragrant Cloud12L
Prunusx hybridaTW 120 cm                   Frilly Frock12L
Prunusx hybridaTW 90cm                      Frilly Frock12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     Frilly Frock`12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     Jaqueline12L
Prunusx hybridaTW 45cm                      Mikinori11.5L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     Okame12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     Pandora12L
Prunusx hybridaM                                   Pink Parasol12L
Prunusx hybridaTW 45cm                Little Pink Perfection15L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     Pink Perfection12L
Prunusx hybridaS                PowderPuff  (Koboku-zakura)12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     Royal Burgundy12L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     Snow Showers12L
Prunusx hybridaM                                   Tai-haku7L
Prunusx hybridaTW 45cm                      The Bride11.5L
Prunusx hybridaS                                     The Bride12L
Prunusx hybridaM                                   Trailblazer12L
Prunusx persicoidesS                                    Spring Glow12L
Prunusx subhirtellaS                                    Autumnalis Rosea12L
Prunusx yedoensisS                                    Weeping Yoshino12L
Prunusx yedoensisS                                     Weeping Yoshino15L
Prunusx yedoensisTW 45cm                      Yamadei11.5L
PyruscalleryanaM                                   Chanticleer7L
PyruscalleryanaM                                   Chanticleer12L
PyrussalicifoliaTW 120cm                    Pendula12L
PyrussalicifoliaTW 80cm                      Pendula10L
PyrussalicifoliaM                                    Pendula12L
QuercusilexL                                      Evergreen Oak10L
QuercusroburCommon Oak whipsB/R
RobiniapseuduacaciaTW 80cm              Lace LadyTwisty Babe12L
Robiniax margarettaPink Cascade2L
SalixalbaS                                   Golden Ness12L
SalixalbaM                     Tristis (Weeping Willow)12L
SalixalbaM                     Tristis (Weeping Willow)12L
SalixalbaM                     Tristis (Weeping Willow)12L
SalixcapreaTW 90cm                     Pendula 10L
SalixcapreaTW 120cm                   Pendula 12L
SalixcapreaTW 60cm                 Pendula Kilmarnock3L
SalixintegraTW 60cm                    Hakuro-Nishiki3L
SalixintegraTW 100cm                  Hakuro-Nishiki7LD
SalixintegraTW120cm                   Hakuro-Nishiki5L
SorbusaucupariaMountain Ash whips 60/80 cmB/R
SorbusaucupariaM                                                            .12L
SorbusaucupariaS                                    Autumn Spire7LD
SorbusaucupariaS                                    Autumn Spire12L
SorbusaucupariaM                                   Eastern Promise12L
SorbusaucupariaS                                    Croft Coral12L
SorbusaucupariaS columnar                 Glendoick Spire7L
SorbusaucupariaS columnar                 Glendoick Spire12L
SorbusaucupariaS                            Glendoick White Baby7L
SorbusaucupariaS                                   Joseph Rock12L
SorbusaucupariaS                                   Pink Ness12L
SorbusaucupariaS                                   Pink Pearl12L
SorbusaucupariaS                                   Sunshine12L
SorbusaucupariaM                                 Wisley Gold12L
SorbuscommixtaS                                                             .15L
SorbusfolgneriS                                   Emil7L
SorbushemsleyiS                                   John Bond12L
SorbushuphensisS                                                             .12L
SorbushuphensisS                                    Pink Pagoda15L
SorbuskoehneanaS                                    White Wax12L
SorbusroseaS                                    Rosiness3LD
SorbusullengensisS  columnar                Olympic Flame15L
SorbusvilmoriniiS                                                             .12L
StewartiapseudocamelliaM                                                            .10L
TilliahenryanaM                                   Arnold’s Select12L
ToonasinensisS                                     Flamingo12L
UlmusxL                                     Wingham12L
Ulmus VS                                  Jaqueline Hillier7.5L

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