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spring flowers from Downside


Fruit trees in pots - ready for planting

We offer a great selection of fruit trees in terms of variety and size. And for great Autumn planting, why not pre-order your favourites for bare rooted planting in October? We have container-grown all year round. The trained yew trees, for example, disappear very quickly once they’re in, so to be safe, place an order.

Our nursery is very much geared up to personal shopping and unfortunately, we are not able to send plants and trees out to customers. 

Tree Sizes approximately are:

  • Small  – up to 4m (13 ft)
  • Medium – up to 6m (20ft)
  • Large is over 6m (20ft)

Tree Shapes – Click here to see our brief description of the various tree shapes

Location: Our fruit trees can generally be found in the first two bays of the standing-out ground

Downside Nurseries Fruit List as at March 2022
Please remember that the list below is correct as at March 2022, but not all of these plants may be available on the day of your visit

If you’d like to download this page, please click here

AlmondSt.J.ARobijyn 12L
AmelanchierSaskatoonSmoky Bush(Juneberry)7L
AmelanchierSaskatoonThiesssen Bush(Juneberry)7L
Asparagus Ginglim 4LD
Asparagus Mondeo F1 2L
BlackberryRubusNavaho 3LD
BlackberryRubusThornless 3LD
Blackcurrant Ben Conan 3LD
Blackcurrant Ben Sarek 3LD
Blackcurrant Titania1/4 standard7L
Blackcurrant Titania1/4 standard7L
BlueberryVaccineumBerry Bux 3L
BlueberryVaccineumBluecrop 3L
BlueberryVaccineumBluecrop 4.5L
BlueberryVaccineumBluecrop 7.5L
BlueberryVaccineumChandler 3L
BlueberryVaccineumNorthland 3L
BlueberryVaccineumPatriot 3L
BlueberryVaccineumPatriot 5L
BlueberryVaccineumPatriot 7.5L
BlueberryVaccineumSierra 7.5L
BlueberryVaccineumSunshine Blue 3L
CastaneasativaSweet Chesrnut 12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileMorello  12L
Colt CherrySelf fertilePetit Noir 12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileStardust 12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileStardustPatio11.5L
Colt CherrySelf fertileStella 12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileStella Fan Trained12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileSunburst Fan Trained12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileSweetheart  12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileSylvia 12L
Colt CherrySelf fertileSweetheart Fan Trained12L
CynarascolymusArtichoke Arad 3L
CynarascolymusArtichoke Arad 3L
FicuscaricaBrown Turkey1/4 Standard  2LTC
FicuscaricaBrown Turkey 7LD
FicuscaricaBrown Turkey 10LTC
FicuscaricaIce Crystal 2L
FicuscaricaIce Crystal TC22
FilbertcorylusCosford 7LD
FilbertcorylusCosford 7LD
FilbertcorylusRed Filbert 7LD
Gisela 5 CherrySelf fertileMerton Glory Patio11.5TC
Gisela 5 CherrySelf fertileStardust 11.5L
Gold D/M 9   AppleP group  3interstem Bramley 20 Compact15L
Gooseberry Captivator 3LD
Gooseberry Hinnomaki Red 3LD
Gooseberry Hinnomaki Yellow 3LD
Gooseberry Invicta  3LD
Gooseberry Invicta 1/4 Standard7L
Gooseberry Rokula (Red)1/4 Standard7L
HazelcorylusNottingham 3LD
HazelcorylusNottingham 7LD
HazelcorylusTonda Gentile Tri. Confectionary7LD
Horseradish Amoracia rusticana 4LD
Juglans Walnut Broadview 7LD
Juneberry SEE  AMELANCHIER       .  
Kiwi Actinidia argutaSolissimo self fertile7L
KweeAdams Peargp4Doyenne de Comice  10L
KweeAdams PearSelf fertile,gp3Williams ‘Bon Chretieninterstem,Patio11.5L
KweeAdams PearSelf fertile,gp3Williams ‘Bon Chretien 11.5L
KweeAdams PearSelf fertile,gp3Williams’Bon Chretien 15L
Loganberry Thornfree 3LD
Lonicerakamschatica  3LD
M 9       AppleP group  3Herefordshire Russet(patio) 11.5L
M 9       AppleP group  3Herefordshire RussetEspalier12L
M 9       AppleP group  3James Grieve 10L
M 9       AppleSelf fertileQueen Cox Interstem15L
M26      AppleP group  2Egremont Russet 15L
M26      AppleP group  3Bramley 20 Compact15L
M26      AppleP group  3Charles Ross 12L
M26      AppleP group  3Eden(patio) 11.5L
M26      AppleP group  3Egremont Russet 10L
M26      AppleP group  3Fiesta 12L
M26      AppleP group  3Greensleeves 12L
M26      AppleP group  3Grenadier 12L
M26      AppleP group  3Howgate Wonder 12L
M26      AppleP group  3Katy 15L
M26      AppleP group  3Limelight 12L
M26      AppleP group  3Rosette 12L
M26      AppleP group  3Tickled Pink 12L
M26      AppleP group  4Chivers Delight 12L
M26      AppleP group 3Core Blimey 12L
M26      AppleSelf fertileRed Falstaff  12L
M26      AppleSelf fertileScrumptious 12L
M27      AppleP group  2Red WindsorPatio11.5L
M27      AppleP group  2Red WindsorStepover12L
M27      AppleP group  3James GrievePatio11.5L
M27      AppleP group  3James GrieveStepover12
M27      AppleP group  3KatyPatio11.5L
M27      AppleP group  3RosetteStepover12L
M27      AppleSelf fertileRed Devil Patio11.5L
M27      AppleSelf fertileRed Falstaff Patio11.5L
M27      AppleSelf fertileScrumptiousPatio11.5L
M27      AppleSelf fertileScrumptiousStepover11.5L
MM106      AppleP group  2Red WindsorEspalier12L
MM106      AppleP group  2Rosette Espalier12L
MM106      AppleP group  3Christmas Pippin  12L
MM106      AppleP group  3Christmas Pippin Espalier15L
MM106      AppleP group  3Herefordshire Russet 12L
MM106      AppleP group  3James Grieve Fan Trained12L
MM106      AppleP group  4Braeburn Espalier12L
MM106      AppleP group  4Braeburn Fan Trained12L
MM106      AppleSelf fertileCox Self FertileEspalier12L
MM106      AppleSelf fertileCox Self FertileFan Trained12L
MM106      AppleSelf fertileEgremont Russet Espalier12L
MM106      AppleSelf fertileRed Falstaff Espalier12L
MM106      AppleSelf fertileScrumptiousEspalier12L
Morus (Mulberry) Chelsea (King James) 12L
OleaeuropeaBush 5L
OleaeuropeaBush 7.5L
OleaeuropeaBush 100L
Oleaeuropea(20cm) Standard 2L
Oleaeuropea(40cm) Standard 2LTC
Oleaeuropea(50cm) Standard 5LTC
Oleaeuropea(90cm) Standard 10LTC
Oleaeuropea(90cm) Standard 20LTC
Oleaeuropea(100cm) Standard 12LTC
Own rootstockSelf fertileMorello (patio) 11.5L
PeachSt. J. AGorgeous 7LD
PeachSt. J. AHale’s Early  7LD
PeachSt. J. APeregrine 7LD
PeachSt. J. ARochester 7LD
PeachSt. J. ARed Haven 7LD
PeachSt. J. ATW 45 cm  Terrace Amber 8.5LTC
Pyro Dwarf    Peargp3Packham’s Triumph 15L
Q A       Peargp4Doyenne de Comice  12L
Q A       PearSelf fertile,gp3Williams’ Bon Chretien 12L
Q A       PearSelf fertile,gp4Concorde 12L
Q A /LBJ      PearSelf fertile,gp2Invincible  15L
Q A /LBJ      PearSelf fertile,gp2Merton Pride 15L
Q A /LBJ      PearSelf fertile,gp4ConferenceInterstem, Patio15L
Q Eline  Peargp4Doyenne de Comice Stepover12L
Q Eline  Peargp4Doyenne de ComicePatio11.5L
Q Eline  Peargp4Doyenne de Comice  Patio11.5L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp2Invincible Patio11.5L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp2Invincible Patio11.5L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp2Invincible 12L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp2Invincible 12L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp4ConcordePatio11.5L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp4ConcordePatio11.5L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp4Conference Patio11.5L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp4ConferencePatio11.5L
Q Eline  PearSelf fertile,gp4Conference Stepover15L
QA     QuinceSelf FertileAromantnaya 12L
QA     QuinceSelf FertileMeech’s Prolific 12L
QA     QuinceSelf FertileSerbian Gold 12L
QA     QuinceSelf FertileVranja 12L
QA    Medlar Nottingham 7LD
QA    Medlar Nottingham 12L
QA    Medlar Royal 7LD
Raspberry(Primocane)Autumn Bliss 4LD
Raspberry(Primocane)Autumn Bliss 4LD
Raspberry(Primocane)Cascade Delight 4LD
Raspberry(Primocane)Cascade Delight 4LD
Raspberry Glen Ample 4LD
Raspberry Glen Ample 4LD
Raspberry Joan J 4LD
Raspberry Joan J 4LD
Raspberry Little Sweet Sister 3LD
Raspberry Malling Juno 4LD
Raspberry Malling Juno 4LD
Raspberry Octavia 4LD
Raspberry Tulameen 4LD
Raspberry Tulameen 4LD
Redcurrant Junifer 3LD
Redcurrant Junifer 10L
Redcurrant Rovada 5L
Redcurrant Rovada 1/4 standard 7L
Rhubarb Timperley Early 5L
Rhubarb Victoria 3L
RubusphoenecolasiusWineberry 4LD
St J A CherrycotSelf fertileAprikira 7L
St J A CherrycotSelf fertileAprikira 12L
St.J A   PlumGroup1Gage Cambridge 12L
St.J A   PlumGroup1Gage Jefferson 12L
St.J A   PlumGroup1Gage Oulins Golden 15L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 2River’s Early Prolific 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Czar 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Guinevere 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Guinevere 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Jubilee 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Marjorie’s Seedling 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Marjorie’s Seedling 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Victoria 10L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Victoria 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Victoria 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Damson Farleigh  12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Damson Merryweather 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Gage Old Green Gage 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Gage Old Green Gage 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Opal 12L
St.J A   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Opal 10L
St.J A   Plumcotgp.1  (x plum )Flavor King 12L
St.J A   Plumcotgp.1  (x plum )Flavor King 12L
St.J A  Mirabelle Countess 12L
St.J A  Mirabelle Ruby 12L
StJA    ApricotSelf fertileCompacta 12L
StJA    ApricotSelf fertileKioto 12L
StJA Nectarine Lord Napier 7LD
StrawberryfragariaAlbion 9cm
StrawberryfragariaElsanta 9cm
StrawberryfragariaHapil 9cm
StrawberryfragariaHoneyoye 9cm
StrawberryfragariaRoman F1 9cm
Strawberryfragaria vescaAlexandra 9cm
VacciniumcorymbasumSEE BLUEBERRY  
VitisviniferaBacchus        Outdoor3LD
VitisviniferaBlack Hamburg  Outdoor4LD
VitisviniferaBlack Hamburg     Outdoor4LD
VitisviniferaLakemont    w seedless Outdoor/GH3LD
VitisviniferaMuscat Bleu     dessert black Outdoor/GH3LD
VitisviniferaStrawberry                              Outdoor3LD
VVA1   PlumGroup1Gage Stella’s Star 12L
VVA1   PlumGroup1Gage Stella’s Star 12L
VVA1   PlumGroup1Willingham 12L
VVA1   PlumGroup1Opal 15L
VVA1   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Guinevere12L
VVA1   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Guinevere 12L
VVA1   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Marjorie’s Seedling 12L
VVA1   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Victoria 12L
VVA1   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Damson Shropshire Prune 12L
VVA1   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Opal 12L
VVA1   PlumSelf fertile,gp 4Reine Claude Vert (Greengage) 10L
VVA1   Plumcotgp.1  (x plum )Flavor King 12L
VVA1   Plumcotgp.1  (x plum )Flavor King 12L
VVA-1 Mirabelle Golden Sphere 12L
VVA-1 Mirabelle Ruby 12L
Walnut see Juglans  
Wavit    ApricotSelf fertileTomcot 7LD
Wavit  Miracot Aprimira 12L
Weiwa   PlumGroup1Tophit Plus 15L
Weiwa   PlumGroup1Toptaste Kulinaria 15L
Weiwa   PlumGroup1Toptaste Kulinaria 30L
Weiwa   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Victoria 15L
Weiwa   PlumSelf fertile,gp 3Victoria 30L
WhitecurrantrubusBlanca 3LD
WhitecurrantrubusWhite Versailles 10L
WhitecurrantrubusWhite Versailles 5L
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