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spring flowers from Downside

Climbing Plants & Clematis

Climbing Plants and Clematis from Wiltshire's Downside Nurseries
Climbing Plant from Wiltshire's Downside Nurseries


  • Trellis – potted with trellis rather than single cane
  • S/D – semi-double
  • Bar – with a stripe down the centre of the petal
  • FR – freckles

175 varieties of clematis from which to choose, as at the beginning of the season, of which

  • 11 are evergreen (highlighted in green)
  • 25 are Raymond Evison Patio (highlighted in light blue)
  • 3 are other patio (highlighted in red)
  • 2 are herbaceous clematis – (highlighted in orange) which signifies that they are not self-clinging; they can be grown in your herbaceous border on a tripod or sticks. They don’t cling or twine.
  • OD is Outdoors
  • GH is Glasshouse

Then follows a further 101 varieties of climbing plant, of which 12 are evergreen, highlighted in green. To see the list of climbers that we have available at the beginning of the season, please see below the Clematis listing

Clematis and Climbing plants are generally found in Bays 7 and 8

Please remember that our lists show the plants we expect to have available during the season but we can’t guarantee that they will be available on the day of your visit.  Conversely, there may be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Downside Nurseries Climbers List as at March 2022
Please remember that the plant list is correct as at March, but not all plants may be available on the day of your visit

If you’d like to download this page, please click here or we have a version of this page that is sorted by flower colour. If you’d prefer that one, you can download it here.


SpeciesVarietyColourScentFlower SizeFlowering MonthsPot Size
x cartmaniiAvalanche evergreenwhite L1&33LD
cirrhosaFreckles evergreencream red fr S1&33LD
 Jingle Bells evergreenwhite S1&33LD
 Wisley Cream  evergreencream red fr S1&33LD
armandiiAppleblossom, evergreen white tinged pinkyesS2-42LD
armandiiSnowdrift, evergreenwhiteyesS2-43LD
armandiievergreen , vigorouswhiteyesS2-42LD
x hybridusJohn Huxtablewhite L7-83LD
heraclefoliaCassandra herbaceousblue S7-93LD
x  jouianaPraecox  herbaceouswhite S7-103lD
clarkeanaWinter Beauty ,evergreenwhite bells S12-23LD
alpinaAlbiflorawhite S43LD
alpinaBlue Dancerblue S43LD
alpinaColumbineblue pale S43LD
alpinaConstancered SD S43LD
alpinaCyaneablue mid S43LD
alpinaDiamond Anniversarywhite S43LD
alpinaFoxypink pale S43LD
alpinaFrances Rivisblue deep S43LD
alpinaFrankieblue/white mid S43LD
alpinaHelsinborgpurple blue deep S43LD
alpinaPink Flamingopink S43LD
alpinaRosie Pagodapink S43LD
alpinaRubyred S43LD
alpinaTage Lundellpurple S43LD
macropetalaAlbina Plenawhite/double S43LD
macropetalaBlue Lagoonblue S43LD
macropetalaBroughton Bridewhite S43LD
macropetalaJan Lindmarkmauve S43LD
macropetalaMarkham’s Pinkpink SD S43LD
macropetalaPaulinepurple S43LD
macropetalaWesseltonblue pale SD S43LD
x cartmaniiEarly Sensation, evergreenwhite L42LD
x hybridusJames Masonwhite red stamens L4&83LD
x hybridusNelly Moserpink/bar L4&83LD
x hybridusMeghanpurple crimson S53LD
x hybridusMiss Batemanwhite S53LD
montanaAlbawhite S53LD
montanaBroughton Starpink deep SD S52LD
montanaFragrant Springpink paleyesS53LD
montanaFredapink S53LD
montanaGrandiflorawhite S53LD
montanaMarjoriepink S53LD
montanaMayleenpink S53LD
montanaMiss ChristinewhiteveryS53LD
montanaPink PerfectionpinkyesS53LD
montanaPrimrose Starprimrose double S53LD
montanaRubenspink mauve S53LD
montanaRubens  Superbapink mauve S53LD
montanaTetra Rosemauve S53LD
montanaWarwickshire Rose -bronze leavespink pale to midyesS53LD
montanaWilsonii, vigorouswhite S53LD
x hybridusBeautiful Bridewhite pure L5&63LD
x hybridusAllanahred ruby L5&83LD
x hybridusCrimson Kingcrimson L5&83LD
x hybridusDaniel Derondablue dark L5&83LD
x hybridusFireworkspink/bar L5&83LD
x hybridusFond Menorieswhite bluish pink L5&83LD
x hybridusGillian Bladeswhite L5&83LD
x hybridusH.F.Youngblue L5&83LD
x hybridusKen Donsonblue L5&83LD
x hybridusVyvyan Pennelllavender double L5&83LD
x hybridusLasursternblue L5&93LD
x hybridusAlabastcream L5&93LD
x hybridusEdouard Defosseblue pale L5&93LD
x hybridusKiri te Kanawablue deep/double L5&93LD
x hybridusKoningskindmauve L5&93LD
x hybridusMrs Cholmondelyblue light L5&93LD
x hybridusMrs N Thompsonblue pink/bar L5&93LD
x hybridusMrs P.B Truaxblue periwinkle L5&93LD
x hybridusSunsetred L5&93LD
x hybridusPat Colemanwhite L5&93LD
x hybridusJeanne’s Pinkpink soft L5,6 &83LD
x hybridusHanagurumapink L5-63LD
x hybridusThe First Ladyblue L5-63LD
x hybridusCarnabypink deep/bar M5-63LD
x hybridusCassispurple deep/double M5-63LD
montanaSpooneriwhite S5-63LD
montanaSunrise, bronze leavespink/double S5-63LD
x hybridusSnow Queenwhite M5-6 &83LD
x hybridusRuby Weddingred ruby L5-6 &93LD
x hybridusRosa Konigskindpink rose M5-6 &93LD
x hybridusDr Ruppellpink, deep pink bar L5-73LD
x hybridusShikooblue/double L5-93LD
x hybridusThe Presidentpurple L5-93LD
x hybridusThe Vagabondred purple deep L5-93LD
x hybridusTwilighpink mauve L5-93LD
x hybridusDazzlemauve/bar L6&83LD
x hybridusDuchess of Edinburghwhite double L6&83LD
x hybridusFujimusumeblue L6&83LD
x hybridusGeneral Sikorskiblue mauve L6&83LD
x hybridusJackmaniipurple L6&83LD
x hybridusJackmanii Superbapurple L6&83LD
x hybridusNiobered deep L6&83LD
x hybridusPink Champagnepink deep L6&83LD
x hybridusRouge Cardinalmagenta L6&83LD
x hybridusRuutelcrimson deep L6&83LD
x hybridusWedding Daywhite green/bar L6&83LD
x hybridusWildfirepurple/reddish bar L6&83LD
x hybridusMargret Huntpink M6&83LD
x hybridusElsa Spathblue dark L6&93LD
x hybridusGeurnsey Creamcream L6&93LD
x hybridusMultiblueblue double L6&93LD
x hybridusSilver Moonmauve silver L6&93LD
x hybridusWesterplattered deep L6&93LD
x hybridusPiilupink pale/bar M6&93LD
x hybridusMarie Boisselotwhite L6,7 &93LD
floridaAlba plenawhite/green double L6-103LD
floridaSeiboldiiwhite/ purple stamens M6-103LD
x hybridusWarsaw Nikepurple velvety L6-93LD
x hybridusHagley Hybridmauve rosy  6-93LD
x hybridusAscotiensisblue L6-93LD
x hybridusJulkapurple/red bar L6-93LD
x hybridusJosephinepink pale/double L6-93LD
x hybridusPrince Georgewhite L6-93LD
x hybridusPrince Loiusblue/white bar L6-93LD
x hybridusRoyaltyblue purple/double L6-93LD
x hybridusRemembrancered M6-93LD
florida seiboldiiCassisblackcurrant M6-93LD
orientalisyellowyellow S6-93LD
orientalisBill Mackenzieyellow S6-93LD
tanguticaGolden Tiarayellow/nodding S6-93LD
tanguticaMy Angelbronze yellow/nodding S6-93LD
rehderiana. yellow primrose/noddingyesS6-93LD
x hybridusComtesse de Bouchardpink L7&83LD
x hybridusVoluceaured L7-103LD
x hybridusBlue Angelblue mauve L7-93LD
x hybridusForget Me Notblue pale L7-93LD
x hybridusFranziska Mariblue deep/double L7-93LD
viticellaAlba Luxurianswhite S7-93LD
viticellaBetty CorningmauveyesS7-93LD
viticellaBlack Princereddish purple deep S7-93LD
viticellaEtoile Violetteviolet S7-93LD
viticellaKermensinared S7-93LD
viticellaMargot Kosterred rosy S7-93LD
viticellaMary Rosepurple deep/double S7-93LD
viticellaMinuetpink & white S7-93LD
viticellaMmeJuliet Correvonwine red S7-93LD
viticellaNight Veilviolet crimson S7-93LD
viticellaPolish Spiritviolet S7-93LD
viticellaRoyal Velourspurple deep/double S7-93LD
viticellaVelourplum rich S7-93LD
texensisGravetye Beautyred S7-93LD
texensisPrincess Katepink S7-93LD
fargesoidesSummer Snow, vigorous.whiteyesS7-93LD
flammulawhite, vigorouswhiteveryS8-103LD
x hybridusVille de Lyonred L8-93LD
tanguticayellow,  noddingyellow/nodding S8-93LD
x hybridusAngelique   Patio                 lilac light L5-93LD
x hybridusBernadine   Patiowhite L5-93LD
x hybridusCézanne Patioblue L5-94LD
x hybridusChantilly  Patiowhite L5-94LD
x hybridusChelsea Patiowhite L5-93LD
x hybridusChevalier Patio purple L5-93L
x hybridusCorinne   Patio white L5-94LD
x hybridusCrystal Fountain Patioblue L5-93LD
x hybridusDiana’s Delight Patio      blue light L5-93L
x hybridusDiamantina Patio blue/double L5-93LD
x hybridusEndellion  Patiolilac pink L5-93LD
x hybridusFiligree Patiolilac   L5-93LD
x hybridusFleuri Patoppurple L5-94LD
x hybridusHappy Anniversary Patioblue L5-6 &93LD
x hybridusKitty Patiowhite L5-93LD
x hybridusNubia  Patiored/TR L5-93LD
x hybridusOlympia Patioblue L5-93LD
x hybridusOoh La La Patiowhite/pink bar L5-93LD
x hybridusParisienne Patio violet L5-93LD
x hybridusPicardy Patiored velvet L5-94LD
x hybridusRebecca Patiored L5-93LD
x hybridusSarah Elizabeth Patiopink L5-93LD
x hybridusTranquilite Patiomauve palest L5-93LD
x hybridusTsukiko Patiowhite/pale pink bar L5-93LD
x hybridusVolunteer  Patiopink pale L5-94LD

Climbing Plants

GenusSpeciesVarietyColourScentPot Size
Actinidiakolomikta   10L
ActinidiatetrameraMaloides  10L
AkebiaquinataAmethyst  10L
AkebiaquinataCream floweredcream 3LD
AkebiaquinataChocolate Vine  3LD
Ampelopsisbrevipedunculata   3LD
Campsis Madame Galen (trellis)  2L
Caryaovata   7LD
Fallopiabaldschuanicum(Polyganum aubertii)  3LD
GarryaellipticaJames Roof  3L
GarryaellipticaJames Roof  12L
HederacanariensisGloire de Marengo  3LD
HederacolchicaDentata  3LD
HederacolchicaDentata Varigata  3LD
HederacolchicaPaddy’s Pride  4LD
Hederahelix   3L
HederahelixGold Variegated  9k
HederahelixSilver variegated  9k
HumuluslupulusAureus  3LD
HumuluslupulusDwarf brewing variety Prima Donna  3LD
HumuluslupulusDwarf brewing variety Prima Donna  4LD
HumuluslupulusDwarf brewing variety Prima Donna  20L
Hydrangeapetiolaris   3LD
Hydrangeapetiolaris   4LD
Jasminumbeesianum   3LD
Jasminumnudiflorum(Winter Jasmine)  3L
Jasminumofficinale   2L
Jasminumofficinale   4L
Jasminumofficinaleaffine  4LD
JasminumofficinaleClotted Cream  3LD
Jasminumx stephanense   3L
Lathyruslatifolius pink 4LD
Lathyruslatifolius red 4LD
Lathyruslatifolius white 4LD
Loniceraamericana cream & red flushyes3LD
LonicerabrowniiDropmore Scarletscarlet 3LD
LoniceraetruscaSuperba very3LD
LonicerajaponicaCopper Beauty, evergreenyellow 3LD
LonicerajaponicaDarts World, evergreen yellow  12L
LonicerajaponicaHalliana, evergreenyellow 3LD
LonicerajaponicaHall’s Prolific, evergreenyellow & whiteyes3LD
LonicerajaponicaHenryii, evergreenpurple & red 3LD
LonicerajaponicaHorwood Gem. Evergreenyellow 3LD
LonicerajaponicaMint Crisp, semi evergreeyellow 3LD
LonicerajaponicaPrincess Kate, evergreen yellow & whiteyes3LD
LonicerajaponicaPurpurea, evergreenpink 3LD
LonicerajaponicaRepens, evergreenyellow paleyes3LD
LonicerapericlymenumBelgica  3LD
LonicerapericlymenumFlorida  3LD
LonicerapericlymenumGraham Thomas  3LD
LonicerapericlymenumHeaven Scentyellowvery3LD
Lonicerapericlymenum red 2L
LonicerapericlymenumSerotinared purple deep 3LD
LonicerapericlymenumSweet Suecream to yellow 3LD
Lonicerasimilis varietyDelavayi, evergreenyellow 3LD
Lonicerax tellmanniana   3LD
ParthenocissushenryanaVirginia Creeper  2LD
ParthenocissushenryanaVirginia Creeper  4LD
ParthenocissusquinquefoliaVirginia Creeper  4LD
ParthenocissustricuspidataVeitchii (Boston Ivy)  4LD
Passifloracaerulea   3LD
Passifloracaerulea   3L
PassifloracaeruleaSnow Queenwhite 3LD
PassifloracaeruleaWhite Lightningwhite 3LD
Pileostegiaviburnoides   3L
SchizophragmahydrangeoidesMoonlightwhite 3LD
SolanumcrispumGlasnevin  3LD
Solanumjasminoides white 3LD
SolanumjasminoidesVariegatawhite > creamyes3LD
SollyaheteropyllyaBlueblue 3LD
TrachelospermumasiaticumMajus evergreenwhite 2L
TrachelospermumasiaticumRosepink 7.5L
Trachelospermumjasminoides white 3L
Trachelospermumjasminoides white 5LTC
Trachelospermumjasminoides white 10LD
Trachelospermumjasminoides white 10L
Vitiscoignetiae   3LD
VitisviniferaBrandt, black ornamental  4LD
VitisviniferaPurpurea,  ornamental  3LD
WisteriabrachybotrysAlba  10L
WisteriabrachybotrysIko Yama Fujimauveyes7LD
WisteriabrachybotrysIko Yama Fujimauveyes10L
WisteriabrachybotrysKapitan Fujiwhiteyes10L
WisteriabrachybotrysShowa Beni, venustamauveyes10L
WisteriafloribundaAlba  10L
WisteriafloribundaDomino (Issai)  3L
WisteriafloribundaHon-Beni  7L
WisteriafloribundaIto Koku Riupurple 10L
WisteriafloribundaLawrenceviolet blue 7LD
WisteriafloribundaLongissima  7L
WisteriafloribundaMacrobotrys  10L
WisteriafloribundaMacrobotrys Alba  3L
WisteriafloribundaRosea  10L
WisteriafloribundaBlack Dragon (Violacea Plena)  10L
WisteriasinensisLilac  10L
WisteriasinensisPrematurapurple 7LD
WisteriasinensisPrematurapurple 10l
WisteriasinensisProlific  3L
Wisteriax formosaCarolinepink 10L
Wisteriax formosaCarolinepink 3LD

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