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December Flowers and Christmas Greetings from Downside Nurseries

Climbing Plants & Clematis

Climbing Plants and Clematis from Wiltshire's Downside Nurseries
Climbing Plant from Wiltshire's Downside Nurseries


  • Trellis – potted with trellis rather than single cane
  • S/D – semi-double
  • Bar – with a stripe down the centre of the petal
  • FR – freckles

There are 190 varieties of clematis from which to choose, as at the beginning of the season, of which

  • 13 are evergreen (highlighted in green)
  • 21 are Raymond Evison Patio (highlighted in light blue and marked Patio RE)
  • 4 are other patio and marked Patio (highlighted in red)
  • 2 are herbaceous clematis – (highlighted in orange) these are not self-clinging and can be grown in your herbaceous border on a tripod of sticks. They don’t cling or twine.
  • OD is Outdoors
  • GH is Glasshouse

Then follows a further 56 varieties of climbing plant immediately following the Clematis. Of these, 12 are evergreen, highlighted in green.

Clematis and Climbing plants are generally found in Bays 7 and 8

Please remember that our lists show the plants we expect to have available during the season but we can’t guarantee that they will be available on the day of your visit.  Conversely, there may be additions to our list during the year, so if you are looking for something particular, do ask – we might be able to help. Call us on 01225 862 392 or email us.

Plant List for Clematis and Climbers List April 2023

Please remember that the plant list is correct as at April 2023, but not all plants may be available on the day of your visit

If you’d like to download this page, which is listed by species/variety please click here or we have a version of this page that is sorted by flower colour and then one sorted by flowering months.


Downside Nurseries Plant List 2023 - Clematis

Climbing Plants

Downside Nurseries Plant List 2023 - Climbing Plants
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