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Downside Nurseries Delivery Services available from 18th May 2020

The Nursery opens again on Saturday 16th May, but we will continue to offer a limited delivery service to our customers within 20 miles from the Nursery. We shall start taking orders for delivery again from Monday 18th May but please only ask for this service if you have no alternative.

Also from Monday 18th, we can also accept orders for collection if you are self-isolating. These will be subject to a small premium for the work involved in collating the order. We will arrange collection after normal opening hours. Please e-mail your orders together with a telephone number. We will try and be as prompt as we can but we are limited by staff availability.

Our plant list gives all the plants we had anticipated holding in stock, but this can only be taken as a guide now… There are several galleries of photographs on the News tab of the website showing plants on the Nursery at the beginning of the month (though this may have changed now)
There are no prices on-line except for our bedding plants.
Our news updates may be found here.

There is a minimum order requirement for £40 plus delivery charge which will be confirmed with order.   As an indication, the delivery charge to Westwood and Bradford on Avon is £10, Bath is £15.

If you need help and advice with what to order, please call one of our lovely landscapers who will be happy to arrange a time for a (paid-for) consultation. See the tab here ‘Garden Support’

How to order

By email to
NB: Now that the Nursery is open again we can no longer take telephone orders.

Please start with your full name, telephone number(s), full address including postcode and any instructions to find you if it can be tricky.

Then list your required order – it helps to have one item per line. We will acknowledge safe receipt of your order but this doesn’t mean that your order is confirmed.

We will then call you to confirm your order and to ask for payment. We will also give an idea of when delivery will be.

Hanging Baskets

We’re not going to be able to do your individual bespoke baskets this year.  Instead, our plan is to make up a lot of ready-made rattan baskets, so they are ready for the beginning of June.

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