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Category Archives: News

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If you’d like to read the latest Downside Newsletter, here it is. We email them once every couple of months or so – more in the spring/summer as there’s more to say. This is what one of our kind readers commented about our newsletters:  “I just wanted to compliment you...
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Late Bank Holiday newsletter

Do subscribe to our newsletters to receive the up to date information from Downside…. This is the link to our newsletter sent end of May.   Enjoy (as they say!!)  ...
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Extolling the virtues of Morello cherries

James Wong wrote an interesting article in The Observer on 26th October extolling the virtues of Morello cherries.  He claims they are more flavoursome than the dessert varieties, good to eat raw when fully ripe and the best for cooking. From a gardener’s point of view, they are useful because...
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Pulmonaria Blue Ensign and Sissinghurst White

Guardian-writer Alys Fowler and her bee-loving plants  Did you see the article in “The  Guardian “ a couple of weeks ago?   “How to make hairy-footed flower bees feel at home”?  Alys is recommending Pulmonaria to attract the bees – Blue Ensign mentioned just last month with its tropical ocean-blue...
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